Clara Amfo: ‘I’ve Never Felt More Connected To My Listeners’

The Radio 1 host speaks to Grazia as part of our series of accounts from the women broadcasting through the coronavirus lockdown.

Clara Amfo

by Jessica Barrett |
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Arriving in the studio through empty streets has felt surreal to say the least, the most common description I've seen is that it's like the film 28 Days Later{ =nofollow}. I am so used to weaving in between people to get to work, when I'm getting lunch or queuing at the train station – now it's the opposite.

Live broadcasts are more important now than ever. I think it's important because we all still want to feel connected to each other, it's the human condition. Knowing that you can turn on the radio at a particular time to hear the same voice and some of your favourite mood changing songs is a comfort to people, especially those who are on their own. That consistency is really helpful.

For radio, I usually do this feature on my show called 'Smug Thursday' where people share their good news but I decided to rebrand it as 'Smug Life' where people share their good news with me daily: birthdays, new hobbies, acts of self care - whatever - we will celebrate it and shout it out.

At home, I've really been getting in to hula-hooping and I've learned Andre 3000's rap on Kelis's Millionaire; other people have done the same and that's been really fun to do with strangers.

I got a really lovely message from a listener in isolation who said that she felt like we at Radio 1 were her friends when she's been alone. Some student nurses messaged the show the other day to say they had us on in the ward, which was really special. I also shouted out someone's grandad for their 100th birthday, the listener showed me a pic of him in a Zoom chat that got me emotional. To be honest, I've never felt more connected to the listeners.

I am missing my mum's touch. If I think about her too much, I get a bit anxious and sad but we're all checking in with her, she's loving video messaging! This situation is no joke, I have close friends who have sadly lost people, the news is overwhelming. I am so blessed to be able to work through this, I don't take that privilege lightly. It's allowed me keep a sense of focus; my boss Lorna says 'never underestimate the power of a song changing your day' and I feel that deeply as a broadcaster and as a listener to other people's shows.

Clara broadcasts on Radio 1 Monday-Thursday 11am-1pm


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