Check Out This Exclusive Clip With Emma Stone Talking About Birdman

The actress explains her part in the film that got nominated for seven Golden Globes

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You guys all good and excited for Birdman yes?

The film was nominated for no less than seven Golden Globes yesterday - more than any other film - making it a good contender to do just swimmingly across awards season.

The film, as Emma Stone explains in the exclusive clip above is 'a comedy. But a very dark comedy. It's very much about the human condition.' It follows Michael Keaton as a washed up actor called Riggan who's most famous for once playing a superhero called Birdman. Now older and potentially wiser, he's having one last crack at being remembered with some credibility as he tries to produce a broadway play. The only trouble is, Birdman hasn't quite left him behind.

Emma Stone stars as Sam, Riggan's mixed-up daughter fresh out of rehab and now acting as his assistant, something she's not best pleased about. It also stars Naomi Watts, Zach Galifianakis, Angela Riseborough and Edward Norton. The really special thing about it though is how it's filmed. Emma explains, 'Alejando (Iñárritu the director) can't do anything halfway so he decided "I'm going to direct a comedy but I'm also going to do the whole thing in one shot."'

Because why not?

Birdman is out January 1st

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