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Charlie Mills: Everything You Need To Know About Made In Chelsea's New Boy

When Made In Chelsea__ returned to our screens for season 14 (yeah, fourteen three month periods spent obsessing over the scandalous lives of London's elite) it once again offered up some brand new characters and one in particular caught our eye. Well, my eye at least, because I happen to go gooey-eyed over suit-wearing bankers who ooze charm and admit that 'all his friends are ones he has met on nights out'.

Enter, Charlie Mills, a fleeting addition to the cast of MIC. Now, you may be asking who on earth he is, how did he find himself on Made In Chelsea and what does he do as a real-life job? That's where we come in...

I had the pleasure of speaking to him to find all of this out. Here's what I managed to discover.

So, what's Charlie Mills' job?

He has never worked a weekend shift at Next, that's for sure. Charlie counts model, playboy socialite and heir to a banking fortune's arrival as his CV credentials.

How did Charlie Mills get on Made In Chelsea?

'I knew a couple of people already' he tells The Debrief, 'I knew Julius quite well, and Daisy and spoken to Mimi but not properly. I didn't go to any of the same schools as any of them... I don't think I did anyway!'

Which school did Charlie Mills go to?

To a school in north London and then a school in south Yorkshire, which were both boarding schools, obviously.

What's Charlie Mill's family history? Is he rich?

It's quite a long one. 'My great great great great great grandfather started a bank in the 1700's called Glyn Mills & Co, but that got sold out to RBS. But now they run a few companies and their head offices are based in London and Nottinghamshire.'

What is Charlie is going to bring to Made In Chelsea?

'Charm and finesse' he laughs. Me too.

How would Charlie Mills' friends describe him?

'My friends would call me the life of party...' Charlie tells me. Julius Cowdrey who is sitting with us pips up: 'I'll answer that! I met Charlie on a night out and I've never met a friend of Charlie's who hasn't met him on a night out. He loves a night out and loves the girls. He's a bad influence at times, be he's a good guy!' Spencer Matthews, who?

What's Charlie's storyline on Made In Chelsea?

Rumour has it, he is to be entangled in a love SQUARE, as he becomes romantically involved (read: hooks up) with three Made In Chelsea girls. Oooh, the drama.

Can I follow Charlie Mills on Instagram? Twitter?

Of course, his Instagram and Twitter handle is @itscharliemills where he regularly posts about pizza and facials.

This article originally appeared on The Debrief.