Everything To Know About Celebrity Traitors UK

There's a star-studded version of The Traitors arriving next year...

The Traitors UK

by Nikki Peach |
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For anyone in need of a mood booster, we've got some great news. A celebrity spin-off of The Traitors is in the works.

There may have only been two series of the show so far, but it has quickly become one of the nation's favourite things to watch. For the entirety of January, audiences were glued to their sofas, googling where to buy Claudia Winkleman's tartan kilts and eagerly anticipating the Traitors' every move.

This year's final had an astonishing eight million people tune in. Even the filmed podcast spin-off, The Traitors: Uncloaked, started to garner more viewers than Love Island. So it's no wonder the BBC and Studio Lambert are looking at new ways to expand The Traitors universe. Or that they've confirmed the show will continue until 2030.

If all this talk of knitwear and murder in the Scottish Highlands feels like another lifetime ago, or it's made you want to go back and watch both series again, fear not. There will be two different versions on TV next year – the normal one (phew), and a new celebrity version.

Who is on Celebrity Traitors UK?

It's still early days in the development of the celebrity spin-off, so the line up hasn't been released yet.

Although, if manifestation works, we'd love to see stars like Gemma Collins, David Beckham, Jodie Comer, Rylan Clark and Sharon Horgan battle it out at the round table. There's also been whispers that Courtney Cox might join the cast, given that she has been spotted out for lunch with her friend Claudia Winkleman quite a few times...

Imagine Mary Berry as a Traitor or Jeremy Clarkson as a Faithful. The possibilities are endless!

When does Celebrity Traitors UK come out?

The celebrity special of The Traitors UK doesn't have a release date yet, but we know it will arrive after the third series has aired next year.

Rumour has it filming won't take place until next year either, which means we might have to wait until the second half of 2025.

Will it be the same as the normal version?

To all intents and purposes, yes. Celebrity Traitors will follow the same format and will be filmed in the same castle. And, of course, Claudia Winkleman will return to host the show. Perhaps she'll recognise some of her friends at the round table...

For those who aren't aware of how the game works, a team of players take part in physical challenges in order to grow a prize pot of up to £120,000. Meanwhile, a group of unknown 'Traitors' in their midst secretly collude to murder 'Faithful' players and keep the prize for themselves. It's the job of the Faithfuls to try to identify and vote them out of the game.

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