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Though skeptics were initially unenthused by the 2012 Les Miserable film, it went on to win loads of awards and cemented itself one of our favourite guilty pleasure, star-studded musical adaptations. Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Russel Crowe, Amanda Seyfriedand Eddie Redmayne: what a quintet.

It's unspoken rule (we've decided) that all subsequent musicals recreated for the silver screen have to stand up to the Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA and SAAG Award winning tale. Few have come close - Mamma Mia! is of course up there with the best of them - and now that the cast for the upcoming rendition of Cats has been announced, we're desperately trying to predict how it'll fare.

So far we know that Jennifer Hudson (of Dreamgirls fame), Sir Ian Mckellan (lets not forget his sterling performance as Cogsworth in Beauty And The Beast), James Cordon (remember Into The Woods?) and Taylor Swift (erm, from the Taylor Swift music videos) are due to star in Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical. And while the amalgamation of somewhat rogue celebrities is common practice in the musical film genre - John Travolta, Amanda Bynes and Queen Latifah in Hairspray was exceptional - we're yet to visualise how the new Cats line up is going to work.

What we do know is that the film will be in the hands of_Les Mis_director Tom Hooper, so it's safe to expect a similar gloriously deep, dark, close-up-heavy treatment.According to Mail Online, it's been confirmed that Jennifer Hudson will play Grizabella, the Glamour Cat who sings the play's iconic powerhouse belter,_Memory._A worthy role for an Academy Award winning performer who is well versed in movie musical territory.

It's also understood that Ian Mckellan will take the role of wise Old Deuteronomy (as close to a feline Gandalf as we imagine possible) however Taylor Swift and James Cordon's parts are yet to be announced. A mixture of high anticipation and confusion is entirely appropriate as we wait to hear more about the film. Further casting is apparently underway so we've got our fingers crossed for four or five more high profile A-listers coming out of the woodwork to star in the production.

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