All The Times The Writers Have Been Too Harsh On Carrie In And Just Like That

She has been through a lot of unfortunate incidents in the reboot.

Carrie Bradshaw And Just Like That

by Lydia Spencer-Elliott |

Throughout Sex And The City, Carrie Bradshaw had an almost unbelievable run of good luck. It didn't matter what tumultuous scenario she found herself in, she nearly always managed to come out on top with perfectly tousled hair and some really great shoes.

But watching the show's reboot And Just Like That, it can feel as if the writers want her to pay penance for her past good fortune. With every episode of AJLT that airs, Carrie seems to go through another morbid, humiliating or unfortunate ordeal.

Could this be recompense for six seasons of her happy-go-lucky attitude ... or just some interesting character development? Either way, it feels like she's been through enough. The world has really chewed her up and spat her out later in life.

Let's look at the evidence. Here is our compilation of all the times that the And Just Like That writers have been way harsh on Carrie Bradshaw...

Her husband dies

We’ll start off with the whopper. Carrie was finally happy with the love of her life Mr. Big only for him to get bumped off the reboot by a fatal Peleton-related incident in the first episode. Ouch.

Being widowed is an undeniably horrible plot line and the ordeal must have been made worse by the fact Carrie didn't see it coming at all. Between rifling through Big's possessions to stalking his ex-girlfriend, this was far from a happy cosmo-sipping time.

She gets told she needs a facelift

When Carrie wonders if she needs a little bit of work doing, she heads to the surgeon to get his professional opinion. She is, understandably, horrified when he doesn't recommend botox or a little injection of filler but a half-face lift. Harsh.

The situation gets even worse when Anthony, who accompanies her to the appointment, chimes in that Carrie could definitely do with some work. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

She needs a hip operation

After just about picking up the pieces of her mourning heart from the floor, Carrie is told in episode five that she’d need a hip operation. According to her friend Seema’s doctor cousin, Carrie suffers with a congenital birth defect, giving her an ‘old lady back’. Sexy.

Carrie undergoes surgery and works her way through a pretty nasty recovery that sees her ditch her heels and struggle to walk. She even uses an umbrella as a makeshift cane to get up the stairs, which doesn’t seem like much fun at all.

She can't go to the toilet alone

Immediately post-surgery, Carrie manages to add dignity to her hospital gown by layering it under a seriously cool vintage tweed Chanel cardigan and a string of pearls. But the composure doesn't last long when she has to ask Charlotte to lower her onto the toilet.

Although peeing in front of your oldest friends is really no big deal, doing it in hospital is nowhere near as fun as falling into the same cubicle at a bar on a Friday night.

She wets the bed

During her recovery, Carrie continues to rely on Charlotte and Miranda to help her with basic tasks, including getting up from bed to go to the toilet in the night. Unfortunately for Carrie, when nature calls Miranda is busy getting it on with Che in her kitchen. Carrie tries instead to wee in a bottle, but winds up covered in her own urine while watching Miranda orgasm instead. How much must one woman endure?!

She vomits on her first date

Safely back in her Manolo Blahniks after months of physical therapy, Carrie makes the decision to return to the dating scene by swiping through some apps. After landing on Peter, a 53-year-old widower, she secures herself a date and they head out to dinner. Amazing.

Except, when they sit down to eat, they realise they’re both on their first date since their partners have passed away and everything gets quite boozy quite fast. Next thing you know, Carrie is spilling out of the restaurant and throwing up on the sidewalk. Really not ideal. Let’s hope she can catch a break in episode eight.

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