Who Is Cara De La Hoyde From Love Island?

In a summer that's been one of the most depressing in recent memory, Love Island has been a tiny ray of lols for many. But who is Cara De La Hoyde (aka the bestest contestant?)

Who Is Cara De La Hoyde From Love Island?

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What is Cara's job?

She's an 'international circus performer'. Sure. Also, she used to perform on Studio 66 - an adult telly channel.

Who is Cara dating?

Duh, only Nathan Massey. The two have been together since the beginning of Love Island. They did have a bit of a rocky start - remember when Nathan called her frigid because she wouldn't kiss him? Now though, the two are very much in Love. Well, Cara is anyways. She told Nathan she loved him. He found it hilarious.

What did Cara do before Love Island?

Well, according to her Star Now profile, she was an extra on The Only Way Is Essex. She has been a presenter on Studio66 TV, appeared on the Playboy US website and was on First Dates; 'I was on the second series' She says. 'I was just on standby when someone dropped out. It was more of a set up date rather than matching me up with someone properly. He did pay, but it wouldn't bother me anyway, I would just pay for myself!'

Does Cara have any pets?

Yes. She's got a snake. She says, 'I do miss him a lot he's lovely. He's a baby. He's a Royal Python but obviously I've got my own snake in here to play with'. We not experts but we think she's referring to Nathan's genetalia.

Will Cara and Nathan last forever?

Dunno mate. That's a tough one. They did have a pretty bad argument a few weeks ago because Cara was upset and Nathan didn't come up to her and give her a hug. Nathan for his part said 'I am who I am'. Which is a dick thing to say because even if you 'are who you are' that doesn't mean you can't be considerate to another person's feelings Nathan you big (small) dick.

However, the two did engage in a helping hands situation. Which was nice.

Has Cara done porn?

Alas the question on everyone (everyone with access to Google)'s lips. Scotty T reckons she's on Porn Hub. Cara though says 'I have done full frontal but never open leg. There is nothing wrong with people who do porn but I know my limits, being naked it different to showing everyone that. That should be for your fella. You have to save something otherwise everyone sees everything.’

She was also in Mayfair.

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