Candice From GBBO Has A Brother And He’s A Stone Cold Fox Who Hangs Out With Calvin Harris

Did we mention he also seems really nice?

Candice From GBBO Has A Brother And He's A Stone Cold Fox Who Hangs Out With Calvin Harris

by Tabi Jackson Gee |
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Here's a few things we know about Candice Brown, star of Great British Bake Off. One, she's a wizard who slays Twitter trolls in her spare time. Two, she's a dab hand in the kitchen. Three, she's the coolest PE teacher we've ever seen. Four, she has a pug.

Now, all these things are wonderful and very important, obvs. But guess what we didn't know, until just now? That Candice Brown has a brother called Ben, who's profession is either a) footballer or b) musician.


We really hope its the latter. And he's also obviously very nice because he cancelled his gig/football match (delete where appropriate) in order to watch GBBO.

See, what a nice guy. And as well as having a potentially cool profession did we mention that he's also a Stone Cold Fox. Like first class mega babe. See, there he is with Other Mega Babe Calvin Harris.

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