Brittany Murphy Documentary Will Shed Light On The Mystery Surrounding Her Death

' A healthy 32 year old doesn't just die,' says one contributor

Brittany Murphy

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A new HBO documentary will delve into the mysterious death of young actress Brittany Murphy. The investigative series will also highlight concerns friends and colleagues had around her relationship with her husband, Simon Monjack.

Many will remember Murphy starring in classic chic flicks like Clueless, Just Married and Uptown Girl, but her bright light was dimmed due to her tragic passing. The two-part documentary series titled What Happened, Brittany Murphy? is described as an, 'intimate in-depth character portrait of actress Brittany Murphy going beyond the headlines to explore the mysterious circumstances surrounding her tragic death at 32.'

The first teaser of the documentary includes interviews with those who were close to the Clueless star, including Hocus Pocus actress Kathy Najimy. Najimay's recalls the conversations they had before her death. It is also evident that Kathy did not think highly of her husband Simon, claiming that when Brittany met him 'her judgment was muddled and she became prey.'

Jennifer O’Connell from HBO Max said in a statement,' Our Brittany Murphy documentary cuts through the tabloid noise with an elevated, nuanced depiction of a sensational story.' She continued, 'Crafting a grounded account of Brittany Murphy’s life struggles and sudden passing comes with great responsibility and we’ve partnered with a masterful creative team to produce a thoughtful examination of a tragedy that has long been cause for speculation.'

Since her death, fans have rigorously speculated about the circumstances surrounding her passing. With this long-awaited deep dive into Brittany's life and death, perhaps some questions will finally be answered.

Who was Brittany Murphy?

Born in Atlanta and raised in California, Brittany is best known for her starring role in cult-classic Clueless, opposite Alicia Silverstone. As an actress, Brittany got her big break when she was a teen. A then 13 year old Brittany made her debut in Drexell’s Class. From there, Brittany went on the feature in many ‘90s sitcoms from Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, Blossom, Sister, Sister, Party Of Five, and Boy Meets World. After her hugely successful role in Clueless her career took off and she featured in Freeway, Girl, Interrupted, and Drop Dead Gorgeous She also lent her voice to animated sitcom King of the Hill.

How did Brittany Murphy die?

Brittany tragically died on 20th December 2009 at just 32 years old. The young actress suddenly collapsed in her bathroom and was unable to be revived after bring rushed to hospital.At first, it was concluded that said that her cause of death was ' natural'. After an autopsy a day after she died, her death was ruled as 'deferred.

However, amid speculation of foul play, it was later concluded that Brittany died of community-acquired pneumonia with contributing factors of iron deficiency anemia with multiple drug intoxication. It was reported that the drugs were all legal prescription drugs as she caught the flu whilst filming a movie.

In January of 2010 Murphy's mother Sharon Murphy and husband Simon Monjack claimed she didn't use drugs or alcohol and drugs didn't caused her death but instead it was caused by a heart condition mitral valve prolapse.

'Leading up to Brittany's death, her makeup artist Trista Jordan noticed that she wasn't quite right. Trista recently toldPeople Magazine, 'Her eyes were so sunken, and she just seemed so sad. She wasn’t herself. She was in so much pain.' She continued,' She had Bambi legs and couldn’t stand up.'

Who was Brittany's husband ?

Brittany's husband Simon Monjack was a British screen writer, film director and producer. Shockingly, Simon also died from acute pneumonia and anemia, just five months after Brittany’s death in 2009. As you can imagine, this only added to the speculation that Brittany’s death was foul play. Brittany’s father, Angelo Bertolotti, decided to take matters into his own hands and had her hair, blood, and tissue tested for a second opinion. The toxicology report concluded that she had high levels of metals in her system. Dr Lykissa concluded an alleged exposure to these metals (toxins) administered by a third party perpetrator with likely criminal intent. However, these reports were later dismissed.

The documentaries director Cynthia Hill said of Simon, 'He was a disturbed individual who was used to conning people and Brittany was one of his last victims,' She told People Magazine, 'There was a pattern of behaviour that became very obvious the more research that we did.'

Is there a trailer of What Happened, Brittany Murphy?

Yes - here is a first look at the two-part documentary.

When will the documentary air? How can I watch What Happened, Brittany Murphy in the UK?

What Happened, Brittany Murphy? is set to air in the US on the 14th of October. The UK release date is yet to be announced, so keep your eyes peeled.

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