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There's A Trailer For New BBC Drama 'Bodyguard' And We're Very Intrigued

It's not long to go before the wonderful Line Of Duty actress Keeley Hawes returns to our television screens (yes, we mean television in the traditional sense, not Netflix for once). This time she'll be staring in a new BBC Drama called Bodyguard, and no, sadly it is in no way related to the glorious Whitney Houston x Kevin Costner film of 1992.

Hawes is set to play a character called Julia Montague, the Home Secretary. The six-part drama also stars Richard Madden of Game of Thrones fame, who plays David Budd, a war veteran assigned as Montague's bodyguard. Yes, we think that's where the show's namesake comes from too.

Beyond that, everyone has kept pretty quiet about what to expect from the show but thankfully the new trailer has arrived to give us a few clues.

In it we get a sneak peak at Hawes as a seemingly not very well-liked politician and Madden as the stone-faced, seemingly loyal protector. 'I don't need to you vote for me, I need you to protect me', Montegue tells him. Cue the ominous shots of people lurking in shadows, police taking aim and Madden's character staring intently at a very bright TV screen.

There's no release date just yet but the trailer assures us that Bodyguard is 'coming soon' to BBC One. It looks like our need for another high-tension, gripping drama might just be satisfied sooner than we thought.

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