These Were The Most-Watched YouTube Videos In The UK In 2015

Here's what we watched in 2015

These Were The Most-Watched YouTube Videos In The UK In 2015

by Lauren Smith |
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All the social networks are doing their end of year ‘most viral’ round-ups. But it’s YouTube’s that are probably the most interesting, because while you’d assume it was all cat videos and funny mash-ups, there’s actually a wide variety of videos that made the ‘most watched in the UK’ list.

Number one was from Calum Scott, the 26-year-old from* Britain’s Got Talent* who warbled a slow version of Robyn’s Dancing On My Own. Maybe it’s because he’s kind of fit, maybe it’s because he’s got a cracking voice, maybe it’s the way he looks at his sister for recognition halfway through, or maybe it’s Simon Cowell’s bitchy resting face throughout the performance, but the UK bloody loved it.

SyCo know how to wring tears and rack up viral views out of an inspirational TV moment. Also, note the cracking nail art of the BGT audience.

Number two is James Corden’s hugely popular Carpool Karoake video with Justin Bieber. Not going to lie – this is totally the moment when I fell in love with the Biebs (no, it wasn’t his massive schlong). The video is also noteworthy as the moment when we discovered Bieber throws away a pair of pants after one use. Wasteful.

Other popular videos include some cute kid from BGT (Simon Cowell, what are you like?), the Star Wars trailer, a FIFA ad, a woman dressed up as Elsa from Frozen singing* Let It Go* IRL(she’s amazing, if a bit computer-sounding) and a pretty funny lip sync battle between Kevin Hart, Will Ferrell and Jimmy Fallon. This one is actually hilarious, so do watch.

But our actual faves are the silliest. There’s a giant ball pit prank – when this man filled his house with 250,000 balls while his girlfriend was out at work. We’d hate to live with the prankster, but her reaction is pretty funny. Also why didn’t our parents ever do this for us?

There’s this incredible Inside Out Make-Up tutorial...

...And a 6ft man who fit himself inside a giant water balloon.

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