The Best Things You Can Bingewatch On Netflix Now It Does Offline Streaming

As if you needed another excuse for your Netflix binge

The Best Things You Can Bingewatch On Netflix Now It Does Offline Streaming

by Polly Bartlett |
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Netflix has FINALLY caught up and given us all what we truly desire on those long train journeys/airport delays/Sunday afternoons on the sofa, and introduced offline streaming, meaning you can now download episodes of your favourite shows to watch when wifi isn't readily available. Praise be.

In a new update available on iOS and Android, the new 'Available to Download' button allows you to download (obvs) movies and series to your tablet or smartphone (but not laptops yet, annoyingly). Not everything is available to download just yet though, so before the whole shebang takes up your entire GB memory space, here are some of our top picks to bingewatch now:

1. Black Mirror

So gripping, so close to the bone.

2. Gossip Girl

Because you can literally never watch it enough times and you still miss Blair and Serena.

3. Orange is the New Black

You'll want Red to be your prison Mum, and Stella your prison girlfriend.

4. Stranger Things

The music, the style, the super bloody cool kids - if you haven't seen it already then wtf have you been doing?

5. Amelie

Weird, but in the best possible way. Also makes us want to be French.

6. Bring it On

It was never going to win any awards... but who doesn't need to chant 'BE AGGRESSIVE!' with your mates and a bottle of wine once in a while?

7. Love Actually

Because Christmas.

8. Trainspotting

Trainspotting 2 hits cinemas in January, rewatch the original before you go.

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