The Best Things To Be Added To Netflix In August

As the summer rumbles on, here's five more excuses not to go outside

The Best Things To Be Added To Netflix In August

by Jess Commons |
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Sleeping With The Enemy

A STONE COLD CLASSIC. Julia Roberts, post Pretty Woman and at peak babeness. The film, which you've obviously all watched at some point anyways, sees her play a beautiful yet downtrodden girl who's married to a rich but total bellend of a man. They live in a giant glass house on the beach but, when he nearly kills her (he's that kind of wankjob) she runs away and starts a new life, even falling in love with a man with a mullet. But, will her past catch up with her? Of course it will.

From August 12th

Gotham: Season 1

It's that thing that Ryan from The O.C. did after he was in a TV show about cops that we all forgot to watch. Granted this is also a TV show about cops but also with added Batman. The show revolves around the main cop that features in the Batman comics and imagines his life before the whole hanging out with a guy that masquerades as a bat thing kicks off. Think Smallville, but darker.

From August 2nd

The Best Of Me

Yet another Nicholas Sparks film to drop into the Netflix mix, and a jolly good one at that. It's about a couple who were together at high school but were forced apart by circumstances they couldn't control. Now, years later, they come back together at a funeral and, oh gosh, feelings are still there. Unfortunately, so are the guy's awful hillbilly family who still want to cause trouble.

From August 9th

Love, Rosie

Not the greatest of films but there's definitely a guilty pleasure thing going on here. Goes down well on a hangover basically. The film's about Lily Collins and Sam Claflin who are best friends since forever, although, perhaps there's something more going on. Oh, and then life gets in the way. Expect lots of lovely Richard Curtis-esque English accents.

From August 16th

The Babadook

In case you need to cancel out the lady-skewed films we've suggested then choose The Babadook, hands down the best and most scariest horror film of last year. It's about a character from a children's book that comes to life and does some very scary stuff.

From August 16th

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