The Best Outdoor Cinemas To Huddle For Warmth At This Summer

Watching films indoors is absolutely off the table this summer

The Best Outdoor Cinemas To Huddle For Warmth At This Summer

by Jess Commons |
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Rooftop Film Club

Opening last week for another season, London's Rooftop film club has got four locations; in London's Peckham, Shoreditch, Kensington and Stratford. Expect new films like Selma and Birdman to old favourites like Mean Girls, Romeo & Juliet, and The Breakfast Club. Straford and Peckham have bars that open before the film if you want to head down early for a drink (or seven) and, if it rains (which it probably will), they give you free ponchos. FREE PONCHOS PEOPLE. How's that for an incentive.

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The Luna Cinema

These guys put on outdoor cinema events in super setting all round the country, all through the summer. Fancy watching Robin Hood Prince of Thieves in the shadow of Warwick Castle (arguably Britain's best castle for those in the know), or Jaws on the deck of Brockwell Lido? (Definitely a most excellent plan to prevent drunken revellers from taking a dip) Or how about Top Gun on Bournemouth Pier? Done and done.

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Picnic Cinema

A bit like Luna Cinema except based more in the North. Also, think less just going to watch a film and more GOING TO HAVE A SUPER FUN THEMED DRESS UP PARTY! Check out Trainspotting in Kirklington Hall near Carlisle (dress code: scrunchies, organic bracelets and grunge) or Moulin Rouge in Lancashire. Best of all? You can CAMP, meaning you're as welcome to get as sozzled as you like without the worry of driving home.

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The Nomad Cinema

Roaming around London like a 21st century tribe with a projector, expect The Nomad Cinema to pop up everywhere from Queens Park to the Brompton Cemetary showing cult films like Heathers and The Adventures Of Pricilla, Queen Of The Desert. Even better, all proceeds go to an education and environmental charity in South Africa.

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Film 4 Summer Screen At Somerset House

The fancy one of the outdoor cinema crew. This one doesn't open until August but it's only on for 14 days and tickets will be long gone by then. They've not announced the full line up yet but they have promised Withnail & I, True Romance and Roman Holiday in the mix. Just make sure you pack the champers darling.

More info here.

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