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Best New Podcasts For November

Rich Hall’s (US Election) Breakdown

As we go into the oh my gosh thank fuck it’s nearly over final stretch of the godforsaken US election that’s seen reason shot to shit and misogyny, lies and racism become daily new stories, give yourself a reason to chuckle by listening to Rich Hall (he’s that old angry American dude who’s on Have I Got News for You quite a lot) as he keeps you up to date with the election goings on through stand-up, sketches and interviews. Basically, it means you don’t have to read one more opinion piece about Donald Trump ever.


*Launch date 19 October. Listen to Rich Hall's (US Election) Breakdown

. *

Stir The Pot

Edd Kimber is better known as food blogger The Boy Who Bakes. He won the first ever Great British Bake Off. Which basically gives him the same level of importance in British society as The Queen. In this podcast hosts different guests each week who speak to Edd about FOOD. First up is chocolatier Paul A. Young.

Launch date 8th August. Listen to


Best new podcasts from May 2016

Spirits: A Drunk Dive Into Myths And Legends

You know how to make all those fascinating podcasts about folklore and legends more exciting? Add booze. That’s exactly what the super-cool Amanda McLoughlin and Julia Schifini have done. Julia loves history, myths and the like and Amanda admits she knows little to nothing about what Julia’s talking about. But she does bring the booze. They’re eight episodes in so far so check them out for the history of Bigfoot, Persephone and Hades and WATER KELPIES. Which, if you were one of the seven people who watched the 1996 Ted Danson starring smash hit Loch Ness will be very exciting for you indeed.

Launch date: 2nd Feb. Get it here.

Beauty Talk Podcast

The UK’s first beauty podcast. Why’s no-one done it before? Seems like it would an excellent idea. Especially considering how bonkers big the beauty industry (and the cash behind it) is. Jemma, Beccy and Lex all work in the beauty industry and are beauty bloggers. Each episode they talk about new products, new trends, tips, tricks and hacks.

Launch date: 17th April. Get it here.

The Courage Makers Podcast

A good one for a Monday morning. Each week, Meg Kissack, the feminist activist and blogger behind That Hummingbird Life interviews different people from around the world who have nailed it in their lives and are happy to give you a little bit of advice on how to do they same. Don’t worry, Meg is British, not American so while her podcast is inspiring, it’s not like SUPER GREAT OMG HAVE A GREAT DAY NAMASTE inspiring.

Launch date: 22nd Feb. Get it here.

Someone Knows Something

What’s that? A new serialised true crime podcast? Yep, go on then. This one is about Adrien McNaughton, a five year old boy who disappeared in 1972 when he and his family were visiting a lake in Ontario, Canada. Now, David Ridgen, a filmmaker who grew up in the area has gone back to see if he can find out what happened…

Launch date: 1st March. Get it here.

Samira Stalks

Want to find out more about all those weird and wonderful people you learn about in TED Talks? Tune in to Samira Stalks, hosted by Samira Sohail as she interviews everyone from Adriana Marais, a finalist in the MARS 1 mission, Chrissie Lam who engineered the LOVE IS bracelet made by the Massai Tribe and sold in the US and Alexander Warder who owns her own art gallery.

Launch date: 5th Feb. Get it here.

Best new podcasts from April 2016

Ctl Alt Delete

It's only the excellent blogger Emma Gannon (aka Girl Lost In City) with her brand new podcast! When does Emma Gannon sleep? Emma Gannon when do you sleep? Anyways, she kicked her podcast off with a bang talking to Elizabeth Gilbert from Eat, Pray, Love fame (don't judge her by that film) and.... uber blogger Zoella! Listen on a Monday morning on your way to work when you could do with a massive pep talk.

Launch date: 5th April. Get it here.

Two Dope Queens

Straight off the bat episode one of Two Dope Queens is a winner; it's sponsored by old favourite Mail CLIMP which makes for a nice trip down memory lane. Presented by Jessica Williams (recognise her from The Daily Show?) and Phoebe Robinson, a comedian that calls herself a 'Blaria' (AKA a Black Daria). Between them, the two girls host a live comedy show with some of their favourite no-holds barred comedians. It's hilarious.

Launch date: 5th April. Get it here.

Ladies Who Lunch

Ingrid Nilsen is the YouTuber that sent the internet into meltdown when she came out on her channel last year. Cat Valdes (Catrific) is the super perky 26 year old also YouTuber and together the two are Ladies Who Lunch. So far in their podcast they've covered feminism, dating and friendship. It's quite earnest and chirpy, but interesting nonetheless.

Lauch Date: 29th March. Get it here.

The West Wing Weekly

Literally only for those that have binge watched Aaron Sorkin's West Wing from start to finish. Otherwise it'll make zero sense to you. If you are cool enough to have watched it all though (and we very much suggest that you do) tune into this podcast with Hrishikesh Hirway (West Wing nerd) and Joshua Malina (Will on* The* West Wing, David on Scandal) **as they go through the show, episode by episode - there's 156 - with indepth discussions on each and every point.

Launch date: 23rd March. Get it here.

What Would A Feminist Do?

Jessica Valenti is super great. This is her weekly podcast from The Guardian that involves Jessica speaking to women at the forefront of feminist issues, Jessica's own views on everything from abortion to catcalling to Hilary Clinton.

Launch date: 19th March. Get it here.

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