Memes To Help You Express Your Love For Barb From Stranger Things On Social Media

We are all Barb. Stand with Barb. Barb is everyone.

Memes To Help You Express Your Love For Barb From Stranger Things On Social Media

by Jess Commons |
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If you haven't watched this yet then don't worry - we're not here to spoiler - just celebrate Barb

If you've been watching Netflix's Stranger Things and you've found yourself strangely enamoured with Nancy's awkward friend Barb then don't worry - you're not alone.

Across the world, love has come flooding in for Barb. And that's because Barb is all of us. Barb in her awkward clothes, Barb as the third wheel, Barb as faithful sidekick to her cute and pretty and much in demand friend Nancy. Barb is a good friend, and a good person. And the internet agrees.

Here's our favourite posts celebrating the life of Barbara Holland.

Barb Swift


From: Whofuckingfarted

Barb Clinton

From: Dannypellegrino

Barb Collage

From: Dougiefaulkner

Barb Doubtfire

From: Valletta_House

Party Barb

From: Alexiaxung

Resigned Barb

From: Annematoteiro

Barb Gives No Shits Either Barb

From: The_Phill_Matthews

Wildly Unimpressed Barb

From: Vanessavanyadrawsstuff

Sassy Barb

From: Jasonedwarddavis

Barb Wears Slacks

From: Embug87

Anti-Kardashian Barb

From: Motherofninjas

Hero Image: Imgur/ Elegante101

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