It’s Official, Barb Is Really, Definitely Not Coming Back In The Next Series Of Stranger Things

It's official, much to our dismay she's not getting a resurrection in Season 2 of Stranger things.

Barb Will Nor Appear in Season Two Of Stranger Things

by Gemma Faithfull |
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We looked on in horror and grimaced as she disappeared into the Upside Down, but still, we cling to the hope that she would make it back. If you are one of the many fans that, like us, were still clinging onto any chance of Barb appearing in Season 2 of Stranger Things, then we’ve got some harsh news for you and you might need to sit down. That’s right, the news we’ve all been dreading is finally here. It’s time to face reality because Barb definitely isn’t coming back for a second season. She’s dead, like really dead.

As if actress Shannon Purser’s emergence in Riverdale wasn’t enough of a sign, Exec Producer Shawn Levy has really put the last nail in the coffin, shattering Barbarians hopes and dreams worldwide. In a Facebook Live with The Hollywood Reporter, Levy confirmed for the last time that there were no plans to bring Barbara Holland back from the dead.

It’s true that in the television world a death doesn’t necessarily mean the end of a character’s journey on our screens, as many fan favourites across the fantasy and sci-fi genre often re-emerge after death, often as a direct response to fans reactions. With other shows like Game of Thrones bringing back previously dead characters in an unseen turn of events, we’ve almost been conditioned into expecting resurrections.

Lured into a false sense of security, we’d convinced ourselves that this is not the end for our beloved favourite. We repetitively said to ourselves that this cannot be the end, but it can be, and it is! Creators have been told by Levy to keep the storyline the way they want and resist changing the plot in order to keep fans happy.

So this is truly the end for Barbara. We can’t make it better by saying she had a good run, because, if we’re totally honest, she didn’t.

So, Barbarians, it’s time to finish that last tub of ice-cream, dry those eyes and watch that last montage on YouTube because it’s time to move on.

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