The Bachelor Contestants Ditch Man They Were Competing For, Fall For Each Other Instead

Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon ain't got no time to compete with 20 other women for the affections of one man. They've chosen each other instead.

The Bachelor Contestants Ditch Man They Were Competing For, Fall For Each Other Instead

by Jess Commons |

Is this the actual end of men? Maybe.

Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon appeared on the latest series of Australia's version of The Bachelor. It's that show where a guy (who is always suspiciously hairless) gets to live in a house with 22 women, all of whom spent ten weeks competiting for his affections.

For some reason on The Bachelor, it's totally legit for this guy to take all these different women out on dates, sleep with them, profess his love for them and still somehow come off as the sympathetic character. Watch as he has a crisis of confidence and wrestles his inner demons as he whispers to one lithe 20-something bikini clad woman about his lust for another 20-something bikini clad woman. Watch as she pats his head and mops his poor befuddled brow and tells him how bad she feels for him, poor him for having to deal with all these gosh darn 'feelings'.

In short, it's bullshit.

To be fair to the show's creators though, there's also a women's version, The Bachelorette, which is the same show, but reversed, it just hasn't got half as many international versions.

Anyway. In this the latest version of the Australian one, Richie Strahan, a 31-year-old from Perth was the Bachelor. He was very nice, and very handsome, if not a little clueless (he called one girl 'mysterious' by was of explanation of her just not being that into him. That's the kind of self confidence I'd like to have).

For two contestants though, Richie wasn't the object of their affections.

Turns out Megan Marx and Tiffany Scanlon have been dating each other for the past few months and are now very much in love. Hooray!

Megan has spent the last few months living in Geraldton, Western Australia where Tiffany resides and, most recently the women went to the Abrolhos Islands (also in Western Australia) for Tiffany's 30th birthday.

Don't worry too much about Richie though guys. He seems pretty happy with the bachelorette who ended up winning; Alex Nation.

What is this? A reality TV show where all the contestants end up happy? Bah. How very un-2016.

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