Will There Be A Second Season Of Baby Reindeer?

Richard Gadd has all but provided an answer

Will There Be A Second Series Of Baby Reindeer?

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Baby Reindeer has dominated Netflix charts around the world since its 11 April release. As well as reigning supreme in the number one spot in the UK series charts, it is also ranking in Netflix's top 10 in a staggering total of 92 countries. It's no doubt then that many of the millions of viewers worldwide who have been impacted by Richard Gadd's true story want to know if the comedian has plans to bring Baby Reindeer back for a second series, or possibly even adapt it for a big-screen iteration. Baby Reindeer - which gallantly portrays Gadd's experience of being stalked by an older woman and his isolated incidents of sexual abuse - was first performed on stage, before he and Jessica Gunning, who plays serial stalker Martha Scott, skyrocketed to global recognition from the series.

Baby Reindeer: What has Richard Gadd said about the prospect of series two?

An insider has ruled out to The Sun that Baby Reindeer will return for any future instalments. The source told the publication, 'There are no plans to bring Baby Reindeer back for more, or for Richard to address Fiona’s interview in any follow-up. He’s shared his story and there’s nothing more to add to what was included in the series already. Richard is busy working on new projects - this time not based on his own life.'

'Fiona's interview' refers to the sit-down chat Fiona Harvey had with Piers Morgan on his Uncensored YouTube channel, after she unveiled herself as _Baby Reindeer'_s 'real-life' Martha to The Daily Record. The interview - which sparked an outpouring of both controversy and cruel trolling - saw Fiona brand Baby Reindeer a 'work of fiction' and allege that it is 'very defamatory to her' and 'damaging' her career. She also refuted that another alleged victim had secured an interim injunction against her in 2002.

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In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter which was conducted prior to Fiona's interview with Piers, Gadd said he 'didn't agree' with the 'sleuth thing', referring to the way viewers wasted no time trying to uncover the real-life identities of people from the show.

'I’ve put out a statement publicly saying I want the show to be received as a piece of art, and I want the show to people to enjoy as a piece of art. I’m called Donny Dunn. It exists in a sort of fictional realm, even though it’s based on truth, it exists in a fictional realm, let’s enjoy the world that I’ve created. If I wanted the real-life people to be found, I would’ve made it a documentary. I’ve spoken publicly about how I don’t want people to do it and if I start playing a game of whack-a-mole, then I’m almost adding to it. I don’t think I’ll ever comment on it ever again,' he admitted.

Gadd is currently working on - but won't star in - a BBC project called Lions, which steers away from the autobiographical nature of Baby Reindeer. 'It’s six episodes, about 45 minutes each,' he said, explaining, 'It’s about the lifespan of two very dysfunctional brothers and the show takes you through their lives and how they interact.'

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