And Just Like That: The Best Memes In Response To That Che Diaz Musical Number

We'll never be able to listen to The Beach Boys in the same way.

Che Diaz

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It's difficult to remember the last time there was a TV character as divisive as Che Diaz. Che, a non-binary comedian, is introduced in the first episode as Carrie's boss on the podcast X, Y and Me, pushing the 'w-w-w-woke moment' button. But from then on, with every 'Hey, it's Che Diaz{ =nofollow}!', Che becomes the force behind And Just Like That. They're a character so confident, brash and self-assured that you either love them or hate them, and you can't stop watching them.

It's been debated whether their comedy is even comedy, but it doesn't matter - as they're still hugely successful, with their own Netflix comedy special. And, as was revealed in the finale, Che is about to hit the big time and film a pilot in Hollywood. But of course, as this is Che Diaz, they deliver the huge news to Miranda in a way more Che than we ever thought possible. By serenading her with the most bizarre version of The Beach Boys' California Girls to ever exist. At a packed family party.

For those wondering, the moment was supposed to be that weird. Speaking on The Writers Room podcast, Michael Patrick King{ =nofollow}said he wanted the rendition to be 'odd'. He also spoke about how he wanted Che - actor Sara Ramirez - to sing because in real life they won a Tony award for their work on Broadway. Explaining his thought process, Michael said, 'Sara Ramirez has an amazing voice. They won a Tony for Spamalot, they're a Broadway singer, they have a lot of soul. So it's like okay, what are they going to sing? And I wanted it to be odd and a little silly. And so I knew that Che was going to announce California so I thought about California, then California Girls, sung by someone of non-binary gender.'

Well, the writers certainly delivered on their mission, because it was perhaps the most wild moment of And Just Like That yet. Here are some of the funniest memes about that moment, which, to be honest, we still can't stop thinking about.

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