American Horror Story Season 6: Everything We Know So Far

It's all one big scary mystery

American Horror Story Season 6: Everything We Know So Far

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If you have plans tonight, I am highly advising you to cancel them. I have plans, but American Horror Story season 6 is airing tonight so, sorry friend with a birthday but I can’t make it.So far, all we know officially is that season six is premiering tonight, on September 14th and that some cast members have been confirmed. The creators have sent us on a wild game of guess the season with this one, but there are some clues that can lead you down a very long, creepy road to figuring out what the hell is going to happen in season six.

The season song

Created by Colombian-American singer Kali Uchis, the song ‘Sycamore Tree’ has been the background music for six of the 26 teaser trailers. It’s extremely beautiful and catchy – but there’s no doubt paired with a creepy opening scene it will be terrifying.

The teaser trailers

As previously stated, there have been 26 teaser trailers rolled out for season six. They are all equally creepy and many of them include spiders so I physically couldn’t watch. BUT get this, only one of the trailers is real. Creator Ryan Murphy apparently thought it would be fun to keep it a mystery so they decided to come up with a campaign that would trick and confuse their viewers. Good job guys, we’re well and truly confused. It’s all one big mystery.

The name of the season

At least with previous series we at least at a name for the series (American Horror Story: Coven, about, yep you’ve guessed it, a witches coven) but this year we have nothing. The title ‘The Mist’ appeared on Rotten Tomatoes and TV Guide - but the network is yet to confirm. Fans have taken this to mean it has something to do with Stephen King’s 1980 horror story titled ‘The Mist.’ iTechPost reported that the title was removed after some hours, so was it all just another trick to confuse us?

Who’s been cast in it?

From what we can see, this is whose confirmed so far, but you don’t have long to wait to find out who else will be returning: Evan Peters, Angela Bassett, Cheyenne Jackson, Denis O’Hare, Jacob Artist, Lady GaGa (yesss), Cuba Gooding Jr, Sarah Paulson. Emma Roberts is yet to be confirmed, she's probably too busy with* Scream Queens. *

American Horror Story fan theories

How long have you got? There’s a few knocking around. The most convincing one is that Ryan Murphy wanted to make season three about a 1960s cult leader called Charles Manson, however he then decided to go down the Coven route. He then later said: ‘we might go back to the manson thing in some regard one day,’ and fans think this is that day. Manson’s cult followers carried out a series of murderers for him in the late 1960s, including killing actress Sharon Tate. When Sharon’s body was found, the word ‘pig’ was written in her blood on the front door of the house where she was found.

Some fans spotted that the word ‘pig’ was also hidden in some of the teaser trailers. You with me? Then we have the latest poster of the lady with spiders in her eyes – well apparently when Manson was caught, he decided to focus on arts, and his main muse was spiders.

Evan Peters also posted this picture to his Instagram, and he looks just like Manson. It all makes sense.


Another theory is that it’s about a lost colonial town called Roanoke in North Carolina. AHS are fans of referencing early American history already, so basing season six on a creepy settlement where all the inhabitants disappeared wouldn’t be totally weird.

So, in short, it’s all one big mysterious. Guess that means we’ll all have to watch it tonight and scare ourselves shitless.

Credit: UK fans can watch American Horror Story S6 on Friday 16th September at 10pm on FOX

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