The Amazon Prime TV Shows To Justify Your Amazon Student Prime Trial

Next day delivery AND some legitimately interesting new shows, you say?

The Amazon Prime TV Shows To Justify Your Amazon Student Prime Trial

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Let’s take a minute to be honest with ourselves. The majority of us are pretty set in our ways when it comes to how we go about catching up on TV shows and watching new films. Our loyalty seems to have defaulted to the ever so reliable Netflix. And that’s okay. Everyone’s allowed to have favourites. But once in a while, it can’t hurt to mix thing up a little, you know? Our entire telly consumption doesn’t have to be devout Maybe even experiment with another streaming service like say, on Amazon Prime?

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Okay, first thing to acknowledge here is that this series features a beautiful ex-convict called Shadow Moon. If that’s not enough to pull you in American Gods is a new Amazon Original series based on the novel by Neil Gaiman. It’s confusing and gory and overwhelming (there’s apparently a bit where a woman sucks an entire man into her vagina) but if you’re after something different, a bit clever and very supernatural heavy, this is your calling.

Good Girls Revolt

The year is 1969 and the problem is sadly not remotely unfamiliar. Good Girls Revolt is all about a group of young women working at 'News of the Week', a corporation that doesn't value, respect or really allow for women in the newsroom. Eye roll, surprise surprise, and so on and so forth, but if the trailer's anything to go by, it looks like one of those shows that you'll enjoy watching but also realise it's actually still pretty close to home. Also, Anna Camp from Pitch Perfect stars in it.

Sneaky Pete

I don’t know about you, but for a long time, I’d be hearing chat about some bloke called Sneaky Pete. Turns out he’s not just a mysterious trickster about time that everyone but me has met, it’s actually the title of a really good TV Series. As in, five stars on Rotten Tomatoes, good. It’s a drama about a con man who tries to start a new life by adopting his old cell mate’s identity. Like literally goes to live his life. His cell mate’s name is Pete. Get it?

The Girlfriend Experience

In a scenario that isn’t too far removed from what we’ve all heard about if not having experienced ourselves, The Girlfriend Experience is about a character called Christine who is opened up to the world of ‘transactional relationships’ while studying at Law School. Definitely more of a drama than a comedy or thriller type vibe from first impressions.


One for the period drama fans. Well, period drama meets time travel series. The show’s lead character, Claire Randall, is living her life at the end of World War II and then is somehow transported back to 1743. It’s all very far fetched medieval romance drams but I hear people are into that sort of thing these days.

Life In Pieces

Note to self: this is not Modern Family. It will not be the same as Modern Family. Neither should we expect it to be the same as Modern Family. But you wouldn't be blamed for the similarities. One big ol' family going about otherwise mundane day-to-day lives and tackling funny scenarios on the way. It is genuinely funny though. The sort of thing you sit down to watch and are then suddenly confused about how you managed to lose 5 hours of your day.

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