Bleak Films To Watch On The Internet To Swerve Valentine’s Day This Weekend

Because love stinks, love is over and love is dead.


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Valentines is that day of the year that nobody likes and yet we continue humouring any way. It’s like the friend you make in the first week of university because you had no other friends except now it’s six years later and they won’t stop showing up places to hang out with you even though you hate them.

Anyways, whether you’re coupled up or single ladying your fine self all over the town give Valentines a swerve and instead spend your time watching these films that have just popped up on the internet


Think you’ve got issues? Try spending time with the Pfefferman family in LA. When Morton (the father) announces that he identifies as a woman it only adds to the ever growing list of introspective problems the children have to deal with.

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When Father James is threatened by an anonymous parishioner who was sexually abused by a priest as a child, he spends what might his final week trying to figure out who’s after him through encouters with various townspeople. Everyone is horrible, everyone’s harbouring terrible secrets. Things don’t end well.


**The Road **

Try finding even a glimmer of hope in this adaption of Cormac McCarthy adaption. Between cannibalism, nihilism, diseasings and murderings there’s no time left for you to ponder on the fact that you’re spending this Valentines Day alone. Just be glad you’re alive.



Before the Italian TV series of the same name that aired on Sky Atlantic last year came Gomorrah the film and a bleaker watch you’ll struggle to find. Based on the real life book from Roberto Saviano, it’s a super dark look at the crime syndicates of Naples. It’s ain’t pretty and it’s a tough watch but my goodness it’s a good one.


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