We Can’t Stop Thinking About How Much We Love Alison Hammond And She Needs Her Own Show

The This Morning regular brought her brand of comedy to The Great Celebrity Bake Off this week - and the world wants more, writes Hanna Flint.

Alison Hammond

by Hanna Flint |

Last night, Channel 4 aired episode three of The Great Celebrity Bake Off for SU2C and among the celeb contestants was the personification of joy, Alison Hammond. The British TV presenter brought her trademark cackle to the big white tent and of course, she didn’t disappoint.

Entertainment-wise that is, her baking, well, ahem, you heard the judges.

Alison showcased her confident and self-deprecating humour as she tried her hand at making brownies, Yorkshire puddings stuffed with beef and horseradish before, finally, attempting to make a gingerbread house. ‘Everything’s going smoothly. This is gonna make really boring TV,’ she brags at one point before delivering a textbook Hammond line.

‘Hold on, where’s the oven door gone?’

Hammond has had audiences obsessed with her ever since 2002 when she appeared in Big Brother season 3. Who can forget the time she broke the garden table in an attempt to speak to the security guards outside or winding up her housemate Alex by telling him she had weed in the communal shower? She only lasted two weeks in the house but upon her eviction, she was scouted by This Morning and has been delivering comedy gold on the daytime show ever since.

Hammond caused a splash when she knocked a male model into Liverpool's Albert Dock while presenting the weather on This Morning’s iconic floating map and people couldn’t get enough of her screaming ‘MEGS’ to get Meghan Markle’s attention during a Royal visit in Nottingham. Her screams had people in stitches when she took to the seas with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution but it was after her Bladerunner 2049 interview that the presenter got global recognition.

I’m pretty sure no interviewer has ever got Harrison Ford laughing as much as she did when she interviewed him and Ryan Gosling as they cracked open whiskey and mocked the latter’s knitwear. Both fell victim to the infectiousness of Hammond’s barrelling laugh and even now, having watched this clip a dozen times already, I still can’t help but giggle along with them too.

As well as currently appearing on E4 show, Celebs Go Dating, she’s now on TikTok delivering some bitesize laughter to get us through these uncertain times in lockdown; dancing with Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, being shaded by Joe Lycett and lip-syncing movie quotes.

It’s this relatability that makes Hammond so appealing. She’s not your cookie-cutter TV presenter afraid of looking silly on screen. Her power comes from leaning into her ridiculousness and, for want of a better word, ‘unprofessionalism’. Hammond makes the viewer feel as much at ease as her interview subjects and once she starts laughing you’re under her spell.

It’s a wonder it has taken so long for the bubbly star to land her own TV shows but reports late last year suggested she was going to host her own daytime programme aptly called Hammond’s Happy Hour. But surely someone so entertaining deserves a prime time shot?

Hammond is a beautiful, black, plus-size woman, she is the picture of body positivity and with her trademark humour, laugh and interviewing style, she’d be perfect for a Friday night chat show slot. The presenting world still lacks a diversity of faces and it’s about time broadcasters made room for them.

Hammond has been putting the personality into ‘TV personality’ for nearly 20 years and people are only growing more in love with her. It would be a public service to give her own TV show and be able to laugh along with her more than in bitesize chunks on reality shows and This Morning.

It’s what we deserve. It’s what she deserves.

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