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Getting To Know Alik Alfus, Made In Chelsea's American Import

He's BACK!

Made In Chelsea's__ Alik Alfus may be best known for his distinctive American accent amongst the RP English of SW3 population, and his super long and serious relationship with fellow MIC cast member Louise Thompson (anyone else still mourning that £40,000 engagement ring?), there's lots more to know Alik than just that, don't you know.

For example, you might be interested to find out what he makes of the bright lights of London. Or perhaps you're curious about whether or not he has any plans to permanently leave The Big Apple and make a huge trans-Atlantic move. If you are, you've come to the right place. We've got the answers to the many, many Alik-related questions you haven't had the time to investigate.

Where is Alik Alfus from?

Born and bred in New York City, NY. Made In Chelsea fans with strong memory recall will also know that Alik is Jewish too.

How old is Alik and when is his birthday?

He was born on 25th November 1988, which makes him 28 years old. Mental maths skills on point.

What’s his starsign?

For those of you wanting to work out how astrologically compatible you guys are, Alik is a Sagittarius.

Where did Alik go to school?

He attended the most expensive school in the America (GULP), Riverdale Country School, before attending Rollins College in Florida.

What does he do for a living? What's his occupation?

Alik is the co-owner of a super successful textiles company called Libra Leather. He co-owns the business with his father and sister. The Jewish family-owned business sources the most exotic and luxurious skins from around the globe. Fancy, eh?

What is Alik’s net worth?

Awkward question, we know. But since everyone's so fascinated my money these days, your new favourite American businessman has an estimated net worth of £2.6 million. Yeah, us too....

Does Alik have a girlfriend?

Nope! Alik spent an awkward amount of time lingering in Louise and boyfriend Ryan's periphery which inevitably ruffled some feathers, but beyond that we see no significant other in sight.

Does Alik have a dog?

Yes! And according to Instagram the adorable bundle of fur goes by the name Budward!

What was the most shocking moment during his time on Made In Chelsea?

Being accused of cheating, obvs. It was pretty satisfying to watch him prove his innocence and throw it back in everybody’s faces, though (oh, the drama). The whole cheating thing among other cast members was pretty shocking too… Can't say we're not excited to have him back.

What happened with Alik Alfus and Louise Thompson?

A whole lot of drama basically, but in short they met whilst filming the American series and by the looks of things Alik was instantly hooked on Louise. They were pretty solid for 2 years, given the stress of a long-distance relationship but distance started to take its toll on their romance and things hit the rocks, forcing Louise to fly out to NYC to try and salvage the situation.

It looked like we were going to lose the home-grown Chelsea girl to the bright lights of New York but phew, she was back on British soil soon enough. The relationship seemed to run its course soon enough though and before we knew it Louise was finding comfort with her totally supportive personal trainer Ryan Libbey.

Why did Alik Alfus and Louise Thompson split up?

Louise claimed she just didn’t love him anymore (I’m sure it had nothing to do with the extremely ripped new man she had in her life…) and we saw their relationship come to a bitter end in the South of France, even after Alik had flown out to fight for his girl back (and claiming he had bought her a £40,000 ring!) Louise simply claimed it was over between them and that she couldn’t be with him anymore…Alik bitterly accepted the harsh reality of it all and packed his bags back to NYC (at least it was a different setting to the usual Chelsea break up bridge!)

Is Alik dating Mimi Bouchard?

Not to churn the gossip mill or anything, but Alik and Mimi were seen getting quite cosy at a London club recently. Could this be the start of a new drama filled romance for Chelsea? Probably not, tbh but it's something to go on.

What’s a relationship deal-breaker for Alik?

A girl who can’t hold a conversation. Next.

Does Alik have Instagram?

For more pics of his totally adorable pup get following him @al_alfus!

Does Alik have Snapchat?

Yep! Follow his happenings in MIC or NYC on @alikalfus. Check out the rest of the Made In Chelsea Made In Chelsea Snapchat usernames on site.

This article originally appeared on The Debrief.