Everything You Need To Know About Adnan From Serial’s New Trial

Adnan Syed has been granted a new trial but does this mean he's soon going to get out?

Adnan Syed new trial

by Jess Commons |

Well how's this for a bit of interesting news; Adnan Syed, the chap at the centre of the whole podcasting universe, has been granted a new trial where he will attempt to overturn his conviction for the 1999 murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee.

Obviously you've listened to Serial. Obviously you're familiar with the case. A quick refresher; in 2000, Adnan, a 17-year-old high school student from Baltimore, Maryland, was convicted of the murder of Hae, 18.

Adnan was sentenced to a life sentence PLUS 30 years. His hopes of getting out were slim to none. Then, This American Life producer Sarah Koenig came across his case. She, along with friends, lawyers and activists started re-investigating the murder. The result was Serial. The world's most popular podcast. The podcast that kickstarted the podcast revolution.

Since the podcast finished in 2014, there's been much speculation about what would happen to Adnan. Fans of the show (and the spin off show Undisclosed) maintain his innocence whilst Hae's family have criticised the show for sensationalising their daughter's murder.

Adnan's lawyer Justin Brown posted the news of a retrial on Twitter. Judge Martin Welch, who already turned down a request for a retrial has granted it now saying that Adnan's original attorney 'fell below the standard of reasonable professional judgment.'

Rabia Chaudry, family friend and co-host of the Undisclosed podcast echoed Brown's excitement 'WE WON. WE WON. WE WON. WE WON. alhamdulillah WE WON!!!!!!!!!' She tweeted.

Asia McClain, one of Adnan's schoolmates who claims to have an alibi for when Adnan was supposed to be committing the crime (we interviewed her about it here) actually had a BABY when Adnan's new trial was announced 'Wow...I'm speechless.' She tweeted. 'New baby, new trial'.

So, when will Adnan's new trial be? We're not sure yet. But, for* Serial* fans, this is big news indeed.

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