6 Smart Things To Say About Girls Episode 2

From mutual masturbation to how unhealthy Agave nectar is for you, it's all the talking points this week's Girls brings up

6 Smart Things To Say About Girls Epsiode 2

by Jess Commons |
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1. Agave probably isn’t as good for you as you really thought

Adam’s sister Caroline was probably right when she barked at Laird to pour the agave away because it’s ‘through the roof on the glycaemic index’. See, turns out that much of the agave nectar that’s on sale isn’t as healthy as you think. It’s been processed to make it into a syrup which means that all the helath benefits of the agave plant are destroyed. Read more about it here.

2. Coffee shops without lids might actually be a good shout

Ray is royally pissed off that Helvetica, the wanky new independent coffee store over the road from his doesn’t use lids because it’s patrons are coming to his to steal them. But, turns out Helvetica might be onto something with the no-lid thing. According to this guy, coffee lids are one of the worst ways to expose yourself to bisphenol-A (BPA) thanks to the hot coffee leaching it into your drink. Also, check out this guy – who reckons coffee lids are so unhygienic that using one is akin to licking someone else’s hands.

3. Hannah wasn’t kidding when she said you can’t judge someone by how small their apartment is

Hannah’s Dad isn’t too happy about Keith, the guy he hooked up with in midtown (an area of Manhattan), mainly because of the size of his apartment. Wanna know how expensive an apartment in Midtown is though? There’s literally nothing for under £715 ($1000) a month. Seriously; have a look for yourself. You know what the cheapest thing you can get around there is? This flat. For £1075 a month. And holy hell, it’s small.

4. Adam’s fish could have lived so much longer

It’s no surprise that Adam manages to kill Jessa’s fish she won at the carnival after spending a whole journey chucking it up and down in the air butttt did you know that, given the proper care and attention, these fishies can live 10 to 20 years according to known fish experts MyAquariumClub.com. One guy even lived to 40. Goldfish from fairs are often ‘feeder fish’ used normally for bait and, as a result, grow up in horrendous conditions (which is why so many die). Here’s what you need to do to keep yours alive.

5. Mutual masturbation has a whole bunch of benefits

There is literally no chance Hannah is going to find out about Jessa and Adam’s mutual masturbation sesh and not be pissed off. Those two are only kidding themselves. However, Jessa and Adam might find that the benefits outweigh Hannah’s wrath. According to website Rebel Circus, mutual masturbation can ‘build trust’, and allows people to get perspective on whether they want to go further next time. Which Jessa and Adam obviously will.

6. You’ve definitely seen Elijah’s new squeeze before.

Probably in lots of things. Firstly as Ernest Hemmingway in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, then as the simpering Peter Russo in House of Cards Season 1, then in Ant-Man with Paul Rudd as Yellowjacket and then in this year’s Johnny Depp gangster film Black Mass as Fred. IRL he’s called Corey Stoll, is a total dish and is married with a kid on the way.

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