6 Smart Things To Say About Episode 3 Of Girls

This week, we're in Japan. So do people really exist to push commuters onto the train so everyone can squeeze in?

5 Smart Things To Say About Episode 3 Of Girls

by Jess Commons |
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1. Shoshanna’s talking alarm clock is a thing that is real that money can buy

What a time to be alive. Not only is the Clockman Talking Alarm Clock a real thing, it’s not even a new thing. If Japan is what the future looks like, I want in. For just $83 (and I think we can all agree that’s a total bargain), you too can have one of these adorable little guys wake you up in the morning by shouting Japanese at you. Each colour corresponds to a different blood type. Because: Japan. Yellow (blood type ‘O’) is the rudest. Get one here.

2. Train stuffing is very real

Think your commute is a tough one? Spare a thought for the poor residents of Tokyo for who, as Shoshanna demonstrates, getting to work often involves being shoved like a human sardine into an already overcrowded metro carriage by a charmingly dressed chap sporting a clean white pair of gloves. A Londoner describes a scene on the Japan Rail pass website, a passenger ‘managed to fall in between the platform and the train itself if this were to occur on the London Underground, it would probably be enough to severely delay the train, close the platform to avoid overcrowding, etc. However, the station attendant saw what had happened, walked calmly over, yanked this guy up back onto the platform and then pushed him into the carriage before the doors shut.'

3. Love Hotels might be the answer to having to listen to your housemates shag

Shoshanna’s friends guess that she’s already taken her boss to a ‘love hotel’ which, in case you don’t know, is a hotel used purely for hooking up. Modern love hotels became popular in WWII when prostitution increased thanks to occupying forces. Later, in the 60s, they became even more popular thanks to small housing; bedrooms were often used for common areas meaning there were less places to have sex. Typically they are super discreet on the outside but inside, well, just check out these pictures.

4. Ecuador isn't pronnounced ‘EH-WAH-DOR’

Sorry Marnie. In the same way my friend insists on calling chorizo 'choritho', you're both dicks. Except my friend's less of a dick because she's actually halfway to how they pronounce it in Spain. According to Google translate and PronounceNames.com, Ecuadorians pronounce the name of their country much like we do. No 'H' in sight.

5. It took a fat pug to make ‘Draw me like one of your French girls’ happen

I mean obviously after Kate said it to Leo in Titanic. But, according to KnowYourMeme, the phrase really hit the big time in the internet world in 2011 when Tumblr user Meguhime shared this picture of a pug posing provocatively. And now Hannah’s said it in Girls.

6. Lucy Liu is alive and well

I mean, what a coup for Adam; starring in a detective show alongside the best Angel; Lucy Liu. Since Charlie’s Angels, Kill Bill and Ally McBeal, Lucy Liu’s been doing just fine; appearing in TV shows, plays, appearing in music and lending her voice to animated films. She’s also been having exhibitions of her artwork (here’s some of it) and working hard for charitable causes like breast cancer awareness, human trafficking and LGBT rights. Last year she had a son called Rockwell by surrogate.

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