5 Books That Deserve A Netflix Adaptation After ’13 Reasons Why’

Five more books that deserve the Netflix treatment...

5 Books That Deserve A Netflix Adaptation after '13 Reasons Why'

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13 Reasons Why might be over but we are certainly not over it. 'Hey, it’s Hannah, Hannah Baker.' By now fans will have memorised the phrase as we remember the heart-breaking story of Hannah’s life and the circumstances, more specifically the people, who pushed her to end it all. The show has quickly become one of Netflix’s most successful original productions and the most popular show on Social Media. It has also left fans waiting to learn whether or not there will be a second season.

Meanwhile, there are some other books that 13 Reasons Why might enjoy and which totally deserve their own Netflix adaptation:

1.Looking For Alaska - John Green


If you’re a John Green fan, you definitely saw this one coming. Green’s first novel is witty, entertaining and guarantees tears. The story follows Pudge, the new guy who joins a boarding school in Alabama. Once there, he befriends pranksters Takumi and Alaska, a beautiful and unpredictable girl that would snatch Pudge’s heart. The novel, although not long enough to be a show could totally become a movie. Talks of an adaptation have been ongoing for years, but Green recently announced on his Youtube channel that Looking For Alaska’s fate is still on the limbo.

2.Eleanor And Park - Rainbow Rowell

The touching love story of two opposites; Eleanor, a cynic girl who doesn’t believe in love as she grew up in abusive home and Park, a shy boy who believes in it, having born in a loving family. Fate unites them on a school bus, in Eleanor’s first day. Her quirky clothes and wild red hair make her the target of bullies, but she responds bravely, and with Park beside her, they become unstoppable. More than a love story, Eleanor and Park deals with serious issues such as domestic abuse, depression and loneliness but unlike 13 Reasons Why, spoiler alert, gives readers a harm warming ending.

Just like Looking For Alaska, a movie adaptation was on the talks, but the project was unexpectedly abandoned.

3.We Were Liars - E. Lockhart

Cadence stays on a private island owned by her grandparents where she spends time with her cousins and a boy called Gat, and they start falling for each other. However, an accident leaves Cadence severely injured and unable to remember what happened on the island that summer.. this compelling mystery totally deserves the miniseries treatment.

4.I’ll Give You The Sun - Jandy Nelson

A story more focused on family; it’s the tale of Jude and her twin brother Noah. Once inseparable, the twins grew apart after a tragedy changed their lives forever. I’ll Give You The Sun tales the two sides of the story, as well as how Jude and Noah face the problems of becoming adults: finding themselves, dealing with love and the hardships of life.

5.Stargirl - Jerry Spinelli

Again, bullying and isolation plays a major role in this one, but it’s combated positively by one of the protagonists, “Stargirl.” She dresses in quirky clothes, wishes happy birthday to strangers and plays an ukulele every day to the annoyance of her entire school. But Leo is drawn by the unusual girl and starts falling for her before social pressures and the fear of those who are different tests Leo and Startgirl’s relationship. Stargirl’s message of 'be who you are”'and don’t give a damn of what people thinks about you is inspiring - and certainly more cheerful than 13 Reason Why's gut-wrenching ending.

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