UK Seaside Places To Book Up Now For Easter Under £100

Totally affordable weekend away(ish) right this way

UK Seaside Places To Book Up Now For Easter Under £100

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Who said you have to leave the country to have some seaside fun? No one, that’s who. The UK has plenty of holiday-worthy beaches to keep you occupied over a long weekend and if you're smart about it, it really doesn't need to cost you that much at all.

We've done the maths for you and sought out the best places to take yourself away this Easter. Leaving on Good Friday and heading back on Easter Sunday (so that you've got enough time to be hungover and sort yourself out on Monday, we've got your back) here's where to head for £100 or less.*

*All prices correct at the time of writing (3-3-2017) so book em up quickly to avoid disappointment

1. Margate


People have been banging on about Margate for a while now and if you haven’t been down there yet, it’s not without reason, you guys. If you book your ticket now and aren’t fussed about travelling off-peak, you can get yourself a return on the train from London to Margate for £35, which is pretty decent. Which will leave you with enough cash left over to go and visit GB Pizza for some grub, and Melt for some prosecco flavoured ice cream afterwards. You can stay in this nice and cheap AirBnb for just £29 per night, and if you go with a pal, getting there and having somewhere to sleep will cost you just £64 each. Happy days, eh?

2. Hastings

Hastings is one of those really pretty towns that you probably didn’t realise was by the sea (just me?) But it is and it’s beautiful and you should get in there quick because it’s becoming super popular. You can get a return from London to Hastings on the train for a reasonable(ish) £35.80 but you have to change and who has time for boarding a whole other vehicle when all you want to do is get down to the sea? Get the coach instead – it only takes about 35 minutes longer and you can book single tickets with National Express for just £5. That leaves you with soooo much more of your budget to spend on this nice Air BnB right by the sea for just £65 between two of you (and less if you rope a couple of other mates in too).

3. Tynemouth


If you’re all about the surf you should give Tynemouth a go. The main beach is called Longsands and can get pretty busy in the peak periods but you shouldn’t have to fight too hard for somewhere to pop your deck chair over the Easter hols. You can hop on the Metro from central Newcastle to make your way down to the beach, which will only cost you a couple of quid, but if you're not from up that way, National Express coaches from London are going at £31.60. There's a bungalow with your name on itjust a few minutes from the beach too, for just £35 per night.

4. Brighton

Londoners will be no strangers to the brilliance of Brighton. A super quick train ride down to the coast for £21.40 (or a tenner of National Express coaches) makes for an easy escape to the sea. And if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Just stay at this cute little apartment a few minutes walk away from the coast for £70.

5. St Ives

St Ives has a rep, you guys. The type of rep we can get on board with. As most Cornish towns are, it’s known for its sandy beaches. But theres more: home to a Tate gallery, the Barbera Hepworth Museum and this rentable 'Hobbit House' on Air BnB where you can stay for £60. And yes, you heard correctly, a hobbit house. Which in this case is basically like a little wooden cabin but equally cool if you're into that sort of thing. The trains down that way are a bit spenny (it is pretty far away to be fair), especially over the Easter Weekend but if you've got a mate who drives, you can make it there is the same amount of time for about £30 each in petrol if you head down from Bristol, London or Birmingham.

6. Whitby


If you like a really, really good pub with your seaside experience, you'll be a fan of Whitby because let's face it, having somewhere to shelter from the mid April rain in crucial. Take three of your mates up there and stay in this super cheap Air BnB for a bit og a sleepover experience (the room sleeps four people which makes your stay just £25 each). It'll take a long old time to get up to the beautiful Whitby coast from down south, but if you're starting your journey anywhere near Sheffield, you can jump on the train for £39.10

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