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This week, the girls over at Barchick boarded a plane and took themselves over to Berlin to check out the sights and sounds of Europe's party capital. All to report back for you. Aren't they nice?

For epic burgers


Sure, it used to be used as a toilet but now this little tin shack underneath the U-Bahn tracks serves up the best burgers in Berlin. The fat burger patties are juicy, the buns smooth, the fries triple cooked and the homemade dips are to die for. Granted you'll be eating them sitting on a potentially wet stool outside, but there's no price we wouldn't pay for these bad boys.


Daytime drinking

Mein Haus Am See

This former bookshop is where the young creatives of Berlin come to hang – hot young hipsters are everywhere and creativity is buzzword of the week. It's open 24/7 and anything goes from comedown kids curled up in the corner wearing huge sunnies, to the daytime drinkers getting in carafes of wine and gangs of working (aka boozing) lunchers.


Sophisticated cocktails on the cheap

Victoria Bar

It's got that swanky old-school NYC cocktail lounge vibe and killer cocktails to match. Perch up at the long bar between 6.30-9.30pm every night and you'll be sipping on champagne cocktails dah-ling for a measly €7. Play at being posh without the price tag to match – winner.


For wild parties

Kitty Cheng​

There's an altar for the DJ booth, a ceiling full of disco balls and this uber-cool party pad is packed full of a hot international crowd – what more could you need for an epic night? Dress effortless-chic, bring your hottest and hippest mates, get the Moscow Mules in and get ON it, Berlin style.


Get Instagramin'

Le Croco Bleu

It's a mission to find this joint hidden down in the old machine rooms of a brewery, but bust through the iron door and welcome to Insta-paradise. There are taxidermy crocodiles, palm trees winding around the old machinery and should-be-tacky chandeliers and mirrors adding a touch of bling. The pretty unusual drinks are courtesy of cocktail royalty Gregor Scholl, so you just know they're going to be bang on, too. Just remember to turn the flash off… it's that kinda place, you know?


The after party is at …

King Size

Look for the red light glowing out the windows at around 4am and get on in there. It's dirty, it's smoky, it's naughty, it's basically Berlin wrapped up in a teeny little box. If it's packed, which it always is, no sweat – you can stand on the bar, the tables, the DJ booth. Whatevs.


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