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Jobbymoons Are The Perfect Break Between Jobs… But Only If You’re Rich

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This week the New York Times published a piece extolling the virtues of ‘jobbymoons’ – holidays taken when you leave a job, whether you have a new role lined up or not, rid yourself of all the stress and worry of your previous workplace, and immerse yourself in all things fun and relaxing.

One interviewee in the piece said she had a to-do list for her jobbymoon; it included ‘eat noodles,’ ‘get a massage’ and ‘go to the beach,’ another said jobbymoons come at the perfect time to fully relax because; ‘you’ve wrapped up with your former clients — no one is going to email or call you, But you also know you’ll be starting a bunch of new stuff when you get back. You’re starting down a new path; you want to mark the occasion, celebrate it and prepare yourself.’

And there are health benefits to these jobbymoons too, ‘You’re not battling against the friction you might feel if you’re currently employed and you feel you can’t get away. When you do start your new job, it’s better if you’re not rolling into it exhausted, with baggage from the last position,’ positive psychology expert Michelle Gielan told the New York Times.

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Doesn’t it sound like a dream? Sure, if you can afford it. The reality is that moving from one job to another is a pretty stressful event for most people. Many will have to have a new job lined up so there is no break in their income; nursery fees still need to be paid, mortgage and rent payments still need to be made as well as all the endless bills, never mind saving for a rainy day.

In many cases if there wasn’t a weekend separating Friday and Monday, there would be no gap between your end date at one job, and the start date at another.

So yes, jobbymoons sound just wonderful, but maybe a three-day staycation between roles where you disable your email, order your favourite food on Deliveroo and buy a new & Other Stories dress or two is a little more relatable.

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