5 Of The Most Haunted Houses In The UK

Double bubble toil and trouble.... oh forget it. Here's some real life ghost stories waiting to happen.

5 Of The Most Haunted Houses In The UK

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In the true spirit of Halloween, here's some of the best/worst haunted houses the UK has to offer. Because why the hell not? Also, NB: most of these ghosts? Women that have been screwed over by men. Bloody patriarchy.

1. Bruce Castle, Tottenham, London


The name of this place was something to do with Robert The Bruce (the hot dude that wasn't Mel Gibson in entirely accurate Hollywood film Braveheart ) who originally owned the land that it stood on. In the 1600s, a man called Henry lived in the house with his wife Constantia Lucy who died under circumstances of 'great mystery' - which translates to: Henry apparently got bored of Constantia, banished her to the top of the house and she was so sad she jumped off the balcony. Now she can be seen at the window in November. As a ghost. Obvs.

2. Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire

This former pub in Wotton-Under-Edge currently boasts the unenviable title of most haunted house in the UK (though, TBF there's a lot of places claiming to hold this title). Built in 1145 (that's a lot of time to collect some ghosts). One ghost lives in 'The Witch's Room' and is supposedly that of a woman burned at the stake in the 1500s. She hid in that room before she was caught. Also, John Humphries, the owner, claims to have been dragged across the room from his bed by an unseen force. He also heard that there were skeletal remains of children discovered under the stairs. That had daggers stuck in them. What the effing f. Apparently, there's a monk ghost who hangs out in a particular room too. No word on what his game is.

3. Raynham Hall, Norfolk

This place is famous for one particular photograph which was taken of the stairs in 1936 by a magazine photographer. When the picture was developed, it showed a ghostly apparition which has become known as the 'Brown Lady of Raynham Hall'. It is reckoned that the ghost is that of Lady Dorothy Walpole who died under mysterious circumstances after being locked in rooms in Raynham Hall when her husband supposedly discovered she had had an affair.

4. Borley Rectory, Essex

Even when it was built in 1863, Borley Rectory had a ghost. It was a 'sorrowful nun' who supposedly was a 'wayward' lady who fell in love with a monk. When the two tried to elope they were caught and the monk was executed and the nun was killed by being bricked up in the cellar. Which sounds pretty bloody awful to me. In the 1920-30s, there was the arrival of a poltergeist who targeted the then-owners wife writing her notes on the wall like 'Marianne, I cannot understand tell me more'. In 1943, psychic investigator Harry Price (his name crops up A LOT in haunted house stories) found a woman's jawbone buried in the cellar which he thought belonged to the nun. He gave it a Christian burial but, still to this day, supernatural sightings are still reported.

5. Chillingham Castle, Northumberland

This one is positively BRIMMING with ghosts. They even hold ghost tours which definitely look like they will be slightly shit but still VERY SCARY and very good craic. There was a lady who lived in the house in the 1920s who is behind most of the stories called Lady Tankerville. She reckons in her time she saw the dead brother of her then-future husband, another mate who died in the army, some guys dressed like Henry VIII and a couple of 'grinning skeletons'.

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