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Five Amazing Places To Escape To


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Bah, it’s miserable at the moment isn’t it? It’s total crap on the weather front, the cash from the latest payday is doing nothing but paying off debts from 2013 and Christmas ain’t nothing but a beautiful, distant memory.

What you need to get you back on Planet Positive is something to look forward to, like a trip away. Start small; January is no time to be planning that two-week extravaganza to Bali, it won’t happen and you’ll feel like a failure. Instead, grab some pals and map out a manageable break that’s cheap and can be done in a weekend. We spoke to our friend Nick over at Airbnb and got him to recommend a few cool (and cheap!) places for you to stay that’ll get your hols off to a brilliant start. Go, have fun, then we’ll talk about Bali.

This Boat In Amsterdam That Puts Rosie And Jim To Shame** **

Nick Says: 'Located right in the city centre, this boat has a fantastic outdoor deck with views over the Amstel river. The houseboat has two bedrooms and can accommodate 4 people.'

Why you should go to Amsterdam: The people are SO nice. Plus, it’s got amazing clubs, including the giant Trouw. There’s also all those picturesque canals for cycling down. If Amsterdam’s coffeeshops are your thing, The Greenhouse was good enough for Miley on her recent visit.

£154 per night.

Sleeps four.


This Cheap As Chips Pub In Tipperary, Ireland** **

Nick Says: 'Experience the beauty and tranquility of rural Ireland by staying in this converted Irish pub. Although it no longer has an alcohol license, the original polished bar, complete with pumps, optics and original till have been maintained.'

**Why you should go to Tipperary: **Yep, it’ll probably rain and it’s totally in the middle of nowhere but think how much your smog-filled lungs will thank you for a walk in the fresh Irish air. Plus, playing landlady with your pals in the private pub in the evenings? Peggy Mitchell eat your heart out.

£86 per night

Sleeps four.


This Windmill In Kent That May Or May Not Make You Into Jonathan Creek** **

Nick says: 'Closer to home on our shores it’s worth checking out this beautiful windmill in Kent.'

Why you should go to Benenden: Like Tipperary, it’s not exactly the centre of the universe, but if you want to get out of the city without leaving the country, this is a brilliant option. There’s a nice local pub called The Bull that’s a 20-minute stumble down the road, or you could just hole up with a bottle of red and enjoy the fact that you’re in a real-life windmill.

£150 per night

Sleeps two.


These Indoor Caravans In Antwerp That Couldn’t Be More Adorable If They Tried

Nick says: 'Get all theatrical with these unique caravan roomsin Antwerp. There are 3 caravans to book, sleeping up to six people.'

Why you should go to Antwerp: It’s an unlikely fashion capital; both Dries Van Noten and Martin Margiela both graduated from the city’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts, which means the shopping’s unexpectedly brilliant. Head to Zuid to go out afterwards.

Antwerp, Belgium

£34 per night.


This Totally Bargain-ous House Made Of Cubes In Rotterdam** **

Nick says: 'This iconic piece of '80s architecture is spread across three floors and can accommodate 3 people.'

Why You should go to Rotterdam: Because as well as the cube houses, there’s some pretty spectacular architecture that even those who wouldn’t normally give a toss will find interesting - make sure to check out the Luxor Theatre and the Erasmus Bridge. Plus there’s an ace market (Blaak Market) right across the road from the cube houses you’ll be staying in. Head to Kop Van Zuid for the bars and clubs.

£98 per night

Sleeps three.


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