How To Have A Fun Weekend In The Isle Of Man With Your Mates This Summer

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How To Have A Fun Weekend In The Isle Of Man With Your Mates This Summer

by Jess Commons |
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If you're looking for a cheap weekend away, The Isle Man, most commonly known for grannies and a silly race called the TT, might not be your first choice. But, mark my words; there are big things going on there and, with the opening of fancy new guesthouses and the regeneration of once run down holiday towns, it's ready to have you over. So, pack your driving licence, grab three friends and head off for a countryside ramble that's about as far away from the city as you can possibly get.


I mean it’s stupidly cheap. Easy Jet go from Gatwick for as little as £60 round trip or, if you’re feeling fancy, check out the FlyBe flights from City Airport (literally the best airport in the world on account of it being used by loads of businessmen although beware the £8.50 glasses of wine). EasyJet also go from Bristol for £49, and Liverpool for £53. Just make sure you’re not going any time during the TT or Grand Prix races. 14,000 come over the island to watch maniacs bomb it round the tiny roads of motorbikes and everything gets way more expensive/ there’s nowhere to stay.


You’re going to need a car to get around so if you’re a group of non-drivers then this possibly isn’t the holiday for you. Check out Athol Rent A Car at the airport. You can get a nifty 4 seater for three days for around £140 – that’s 11 quid a day between four of you.


There’s a few options – although nowhere on the island’s going to take more than an hour by car so it doesn’t massively matter. Check out the stupidly lovely Puffin Cottage near Port Erin (a super quaint beach town), or this actual lighthouse cottage in the middle of nowhere (but still only a £10 taxi ride to the main town of Douglas if you want to go boozing). If you’re looking for something a bit fancier; head to the Baie Mooar guesthouse on the other side of the island in Ramsey. It’ll set you back £95 for a double room but if you’re feeling romantic it’s a good shout.

What should I do during the day?

If you’re an outward bound kind of gal (and even if you’re not), then there’s loads of options. Green Wheels rent out electric bicycles (excellent as there’s a lot of hills and you’re probs quite Mark Cavendish), for a tenner an hour which is a really nice way to see the island. Elsewhere, head to the achingly hip Noa Bakehouse in Laxley (watch out for their old west tram station) which is run by a Londoner and serves super wanky coffee and gluten-free treats and is set in beautiful grounds. Also, while you’re there – head to Laxley Beach for a stroll (it’s probably too cold to go in unless you’ve got a wetsuit) and ice cream. The city of Peel is good for roaming around, as is Castletown (both of them have castles to visit). Also, head to Port Erin and go for a nice walk up to the Milners Tower through Bradda Glen.

And what about at night?

I mean you’re spoilt for choice with cosy local pubs. The Terminus Tavern in Douglas is a good shout, as is the Mitre Hotel in Ramsey or The Creek Inn in Peel. As for heading OUT out, pubs do stay open super late but the only real place to have a proper night out is the capital Douglas. You’re in for a cheesy night out but it’ll be fun. Check out the bars and clubs along the promenade.

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