Budget Hen Do Ideas That Definitely Aren’t Shit

Because not everyone can afford a week's vay cay in Ibiza

Budget Hen Do Ideas That Definitely Aren’t Shit

by Jess Commons |

Planning a hen do is the very worst of all the best friend tasks. After all you do for her, day in day out all you’re rewarded with is the chance to plan a big old party that no-one wants to pay for and no-one wants to go to? Friendship, isn’t it the best?

Anyways. Since we’re sick of hearing everyone complain here’s a few non-shit hen do ideas that you can pinch (you’re welcome) and take all the credit for your very own.

If there’s a lot of you

Only for the lady with a whole bunch of friends (the less friends, the more this is going to be) but check out this house in Brighton that is just about the cheapest house you’re ever going to have the pleasure of staying in. Working out at £10.42 a night EACH (stick that in your pipe and smoke it Travelodge) as long as there’s 24 of you. Spend your day on the beach and your evening cooking food you’ve brought in yourselves and you’re looking at a very reasonably priced excursion.

If you’re totally broke

SLEEPOVER TIME. You’re going to need some real moxy to pull this off but with the right amount of dedication you’ll be able to convince everyone that something this low-budget was always your intention. Charge everyone an upfront cost of £25 which you will put towards purchasing one of these for everybody, an update to your Netflix account (which expired due to insufficient funds) so you can watch the very excellent Sliding Doors and a premium Spotify account so you can get the playlist below. Also, if you’re really handy, use this recipe to make a pizza base then buy ingredients for everyone to sprinkle on top. Looks a lot classier than ordering Dominos.

If you’re too poor to go on holiday

Go all Club Tropicana in your local lido, (here's a list of the best lidos around the UK) Sure, you might annoy the local punters but, if you all chip in for matching beach towels, and each bring a different tropical cocktail in these water bottles (some are coloured to hide the booze… classy) and splash out on a couple of these super-cheap inflatable toys then all you’re really paying for is the entry fee.

If games are your thing

Oh my gosh. A games night. What a great idea. Invite people round to yours (or someone else’s if yours is tiny) and play the following games…

  1. The knicker game

Send everyone to Primark previously and ask them to pick up a pair of pants that they think they’d wear. Then, chuck them in a bowl, swingers and car keys style and pass them out around the room before getting everyone to guess whose pants are whose.

  1. The virgin game

This one also needs a bit of preparation. Get everyone to print off a picture of the person they lost their virginity to (Facebook stalking to the next level), stick them all up on the wall and take turns guessing who did it with who. One best avoided if the brides’ fiancé is a bit of a ‘goer’.

  1. The dress game

Budget wedding dresses are IN but why not save the bride even more money by making one for her yourself? This game needs lots of loo roll, ribbons, tissue paper, confetti, rags, towels, sheets… basically whatever bits of haberdashery you’ve got hanging round your house. Then, split into two teams and give each team 2 minutes to dress one of their members in a wedding dress created with all the materials. The winner will become obvious pretty fast.

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