The Best Travel Blogger To Follow On Snapchat To Get Holiday Inspiration From

Wishing you were somewhere warmer? Here's some people that should be able to convince you to book your plane tickets

The Best Travel Blogger To Follow On Snapchat To Get Holiday Inspiration From

by Jess Commons |

If Christmas has left you skint and the wet weather has you dreaming of summer mojitos and warm city breaks - wake up wanderlusters - you can follow your favourite travellers on Snapchat. So if you forget to pick up a Metro on your morning commute or there's nothing interesting going down on your nightly Facebook stalk - check out these accounts…

For party people - The Hungry Partier @drewbinsky


If you’ve got a thing for food, festivals and gingers - Drew is your man. The self-confessed party animal has explored 74 countries since 2012 and documents his journeys by snapping his flaming hair and party antics across the continents. Instead of jetting off to Malia with a suitcase filled with duty free Smirnoff, condoms and the entire contents of the Topman sale rail - Drew prefers to hunt down the lesser known hotspots and liaise with the locals over a beer at the nearest club.

Follow Drew’s fun account for a insight into South Korean nightlight, electronic dance festivals in Vegas and insane rooftop parties in Prague. Drew often dishes out gems of advice such as how to say hello in Hungarian so you can be a hit in the bars of Budapest and how to cure a wicked hangover the next morning. He even snaps users back - so hit him with your best travel tips and globetrotting pout and you might even win a prize.

For thrill seekers: Matthew Karsten @expertvagabond

Check out Matt's story and get immersed into his wild world of camping on erupting volcanos, trekking Greenland’s Arctic Circle Trail and skydiving over the islands of Fiji. The eccentric traveler jacked in his job, left his girlfriend and bought a one way plane ticket to Guatemala in 2010 and hasn't stopped traveling since. His hunt for adventure has seen him diving in Thailand’s Similan Islands, tracking lions on an African safari and cage diving with great white sharks off the coast of Gansbaai - but not all of his escapades have been so glamorous.

Matt isn’t one to showcase his travels through a well picked out filter - instead he gives a honest and hilarious view of this travel troubles - including the time he traveled though Thailand in ‘luggage class’ and the night he squatted with gypsies in abandoned caves in Spain. What followed was a series of snaps showing him and his new friends dumpster diving for food, cooking in a makeshift kitchen and drinking wine with 10 other den residents.

For couple travelers: Hannah & Adam @gettingstamped

If you dream of jetsetting across the globe - but the thought of going alone causes you to perspire - check out married couple Hannah and Adams ‘around the world’ snapchat adventures. The couple got hitched, bought a 3 bedroom semi detached and basically achieved the American dream - but soon discovered their lives were becoming a little too normal. So, they sold their house, gave their jobs a two finger salute and traded in their free airline miles to jumpstart their trip. Two years later, the twosome have visited 53 countries and have no plans to stop.

The duo spent the last year snapping live footage from the Holi festival in India, up close videos of lions parading in the Kenyan safari and a non stop feed of baby gorillas and endangered animals in their natural habitats in the mountains of Uganda.

For glamorous travelers: Kiersten Rich @TheBlondeAbroad

If you get equally as excited running your finger tips through the fabric stalls and local boutiques of Morocco as you do exploring the local haunts and beaches - add @theblondabroad to your snapchat and check out her daily fashion parades and entertaining tours from her latest residency.

Kiersten left her career in corporate finance when she was just 22 to become an explorer of the world. She started saving by working in glamorous Hollywood bars and promoting events - but despite the allure of the enchanting city - she wasn't happy and knew something was missing. After some serious soul searching - she packed her bags and went to the airport for a four month trip to anywhere. This turned into a summer exploring Australia, Southeast Asia and New Zealand. She has since visited 40 countries and dedicates her time to helping others just as much as feeding her wanderlust. She snapped her way hiking through the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, spent her Christmas in an all girls’ orphanage in Peru and seen in the New Year on a beach in Costa Rica - all while looking ridiculously glamorous. Follow her story for a feed of festivals, beaches and lively haunts around the globe.

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