Plane Hacks That Will Be Useful For Any Flight Over Two Hours

You'll be kicking yourself when you see these. So simple, so effective.

Aeroplane Hacks That Will Be Useful For Any Flight Over Two Hours

by Natalia Bagniewska |
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Holidays! They make the world go round don’t they? Well, start yours like an absolute baller with these easy peasy lemon squeaky hacks. You can thank us later

1.For Your {Almost} Free Inflight Cocktail

I cannot believe I’ve never done this before.. can you do this on any flight? Is this real? I really hope so. All you have to do is buy a can of coke / tomato juice / tonic and slip in your own hardcore stuff. Thank you @lifeof_ryan you genius you.

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Instagram: Lifeof_Ryan

2. Right, Some Entertainment.

Drink? Got it. Kick back and relax now with your very own itsy bitsy cinema screen. You know that bag you used for all the mini booze you brought on flight? Now that it’s empty, slot in your iPhone / iPad, clip it to the back of the chair in front and hey presto! Hands are free to drink!

Instagram: Geturwings2fly

3. OK So You’re Drinking, You’re Watching.. Hungry much?

You know those really cool Muji containers that you kinda want, so you’re all organized, but you’re not quite sure what for? Well here’s your answer. No more Ryan Air ham and cheese toasties oh no, you can have all the snacks you like.

Instagram: Funcheaporfree

4. Got Medication You Need to Take? Got a Headache From All the Booze and Sugar?

Keeping all your pills in one place is just good life practice really, not just flight practice if you ask me.

Instagram: Kristenjoy_tiu

5. Ok, landing soon? Smelly Whisky Snack Breath?

Keep your toothbrush close and safe from all the crap at the bottom of your bag with a tic tac case.

Instagram: Cass616

Well there you have it, your 5 step guide to a smooth, entertaining and drunken flight to Spain on the cheap!

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