6 Ways To Do A House Party On The Cheap

Just because you're strapped for cash doesn't mean you can't have fun


by Tabi Jackson Gee |
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We hear you. You’ve just got to uni or forked out the deposit to move into your new flat, and you’re already freaking out because your limited funds don’t match your grand plans to throw a party that sets the level of fun at an insurmountable peak that no other person can top. Ever.

But where the hell to start? Decks are expensive, lighting is expensive, drinks are expensive… and replacing your carpet is sure as hell expensive. But we’ve got your back. Here’s your ultimate guide to having the best house party on a budget - without spending your entire overdraft.

1. The cheap but chic glasses to serve the drinks in


There’s two options for the glasses. One, the big plastic ones you get from Poundland. But if you’re feeling greener and want to treat your guests to a little extra TLC, then go for these glasses from Tiger. They’re £1 a pop. And you can get 24 cocktail umbrellas for £1 at Tiger too.

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2. The cocktail to spice up the evening


Obviously this is mainly a BYOB affair. But to kick off the evening, how about treating the early birds to a classy cocktail? After all, nothing sets the tone of a great night than a Cuba Libre. Sounds fancy but with only two ingredients it’s not going to break the piggy bank. Plus, fun fact to drop: drinks don’t get more retro than this. Experts estimate it was invented shortly after Coca-Cola, circa 1900.

3. The music to listen to, completely free

Unless you were feeling flush last month and splashed out on a Spotify membership, the chances are you’ll be terrified at the thought of trying to create a playlist from your own iTunes library (there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Taylor Swift, but the boys at your party may not feel the same.) Put a few hours away to scour SoundCloud for playlists since you're obviously too lazy to make your own. Even better, it’s ad free. This live session from SBTRKT for Zane Lowe at the Maida Vale Studios ought to do it.

4. The food to keep everyone going at 1am.


Does anyone ever eat at these things? Not much. But if you’re really keen to be the hostest with the mostest and serve up some kind of sustenance, a simple solution of some finger food would be our choice. Why have canapés when you can have sausage rolls, crisps and dips? Lidl do a fab half price weekend offer where you can usually pick up this kind of thing. Think 34p dips and 47p crisps. It would be kinda rude not to.

**5. The fairy lights to add some jazz



While full on disco lights are the dream, ultimately there’s not a way to get them on the cheap. Fairy lights on the other hand are way cheaper, and if you’re feeling really jazzy you can always spice up the centre of the room with a proper retro 90s mirror ball. These battery powered fairy lights are really cheap and you can totally move them into your bedroom afterwards for those moments when you're feeling Sunday night doom.

6. And some more decorations to make your house look ace


You know how else you can make a next level atmos? Tea lights in jam jars. They’re really cheap to buy in bulk, and with a bit of string you can hang them pretty much anywhere. And for a bit of colour, get the streamers out. This decoration idea on Pinterest is technically for a birthday but it's the simplest way to transform a room while you’re strapped for cash.

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