Which Parties Want Young People To Vote?

Some parties are thinking of extending the voting age to 16 and 17-year-olds, but which ones?

The Youth Vote: What Are The Politicians Saying About The Voting Age?

by Sophie Wilkinson |

While many are trying to work out how to vote, the vote itself is an important electoral issue. Over 70% of young people are now registered to vote int the 2015 election, which is up by 13% from 2010's general election. And after the Scottish Independence referendum, where 16-17 year-olds showed they could vote without causing a massive problem, British parties have wondered whether 16 and 17 year-olds, old enough to work, rent property, get married and join the army, should be given the vote. To make it easier for you to see where the main parties stand on this big issue, here's what they're saying about the youth vote:


16-17 year-olds are going to get the vote by 2016! Which might backfire on Labour as they’re also looking to make Maths (and English) compulsory in schools up until age 18.


They want to keep the voting age at 18. For now, at least.

Lib Dem

‘2020 will be the first General Election in which 16-year-olds can vote’ and kids will be able to get socially active through volunteering at school.


The Greens will lower the voting age to 16, and increased number of youth services like youth clubs, councils and non-curricular education and training. They also want to ‘‘Support the right of young people all over Europe to go to other parts of the EU to work and broaden their experience.’


They say nothing about lowering the age of voting, so it looks like they don't want to change it from 18 and overs.

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