Young Artist Khadija Saye’s Work Is Displayed In A Moving Tribute To Grenfell Tower Victims

At 24, artist Khadija Saye’s career was just beginning. In tribute to her, and the other victims of the Grenfell Tower fire, her work is now being displayed at the Tate Britain.

Young Artist Khadija Saye’s Work Is Displayed In A Moving Tribute To Grenfell Tower Victims

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Yesterday, the Tate Britain began presenting a piece by budding artist Khadija Saye in a tribute to all those who perished in the flames, including the artist herself. Khadija and her mother, Mary Mendy, were confirmed to be just two of those that were lost in the fire that started in the early hours of last Wednesday morning. The number of those who died or are missing and presumed dead rose to 79 on Monday and may continue to rise, with many others left homeless by the tragedty.

Family of Kadija and Mary reported their death last week as many began to pay tribute to all the lives lost. Her cousin made a moving tribute in an emotional Facebook post, writing 'If you knew Khadijah you'll know that she had a heart of gold she was always happy. She was so intelligent, sooo creative and had so much talent.'

At 24, Kadijawas already making waves in the art world, and the future looked promising as MP David Lammy, a friend of hers, described. The idea to display Khasdija’s work seems to have stemmed from a Twitter exchange between Waldemar Januszczak, an art critic for the Sunday Times, and Maria Balshaw, the Tate’s new director.

After Waldemar tweeted Maria expressing the need for her death to be commemorated the Tate responded by showing her image next to a description explaining its memorial.

![Khadija Saye - Sothiou 2017

Edition 25/50Silkscreen print on paper

The piece is taken from her collection, which is currently being exhibited at the Venice Biennale titled ‘Dwelling: in this space we breath’. Within the exhibition's book, Khadija’s work is described to have been based on “what we hold onto in times of despair”, so in the new context has been given a more saddening implication in its use to represent and pay tribute to those who died.

A fund, which is noted alongside the image in the Tate, has been set up in Khadija’s name to support young artists and help them to realise their potential. If you would like to make a donation then please click here.

Images of courtesy of Tate Britian

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