Is This The Worst Christmas Job Ever?

There are many ways to make a little bit of extra money ahead of the festive season, but could you bear this task?

Xmas light detangler

by Stevie Martin |

If you thought stacking boxes at Tesco over the Christmas break was the most boring job you could do, then think again. Some lucky person is getting hired as a Tesco Christmas light detangler, which is possibly the worst thing we’ve ever heard.

Because that’s the shit part of Christmas – when you get the lights out, someone fannies around with them, and you have to spend half an hour sorting them out before you can see what they look like on the tree. Who wants to do that as an actual job?!

So what’s the job spec? ‘The successful applicant will work full time in the lead up to Christmas, showing that ‘Every Little Helps’, lending their nimble fingers to customers while they shop. A typical day could involve untangling up to 60 sets of lights!’ says a Tesco spokeswoman to The Mirror.

Appearing in the Wrexham Leader, the ad stated that Tesco is looking for someone with ‘the ability to untangle a set of Christmas lights in under three minutes.’

Anyone who has tried to do this will know how difficult this is. Mainly because there’s a lot of crying and throwing things at walls. Also, you usually hit one of the bulbs out, which means the rest of the lights stop working. It’s a Christmas minefield.

Anyway, if you fancy it, then check out what they’re looking for in full:

Skills required

A passion for Christmas

The ability to untangle 3 metres of Christmas lights in under 3 minutes

Persistence and patience

You must be enthusiastic, friendly and approachable

What the job entails

Manning the Christmas Lights Untangling stand

Checking lights/bulbs for signs of breakage

Interesting that you need a ‘passion for Christmas’. You’ll need it after a few days of this. Happy Christmas.

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