WTF Is Going On In Venezeula? – This Video Explains It All

Student protests have been met with violence...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Venezuela is in crisis. Unhappy with the way that the country is being run and the resulting poverty and unchecked violence, students have been peacefully protesting. However, the protests have turned sour as the police have allegedly been using violence and torture against the students. Three so far have died, but you won't know much about what's going on there because not only has there been a media blackout within the country, but the president, Nicolas Maduro, is starting to expel officials from other countries. He has blamed the deaths on opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, who hasn't been seen in public since last Wednesday. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

It's dark stuff, and this video sums it up succinctly and powerfully. If you want any idea of how huge the rallies are, and how severe the problem in Venezuela is, make sure to check it out:

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