16 People We Can’t Even Deal With On The Commute

15 People You'll Always Meet On The Commute


by Lauren Smith |
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Commuting. A necessary evil that turns even the most jovial individual into a moaning myrtle. And while transport problems are a pain in the backside, often it's dealing with other people that makes your daily journey into work painful. Here are the people the Grazia Daily team have had enough of on the commute. Please note: we are not always this grumpy.

1. The Seat Jostler

Ready to pounce at any point, no matter how many pregnant women, OAPs or injured parties are in their wake.

**2. Mr Move Down Please


No matter how much you sound like an imperious headmaster with your booming voice and loud cough, if people aren't moving down, it's probably because they can't.

3. 'Readers and Walkers'

This isn't multi-tasking - it's dangerous, lazy and I've bumped into you eight times.

4. Loud Phone Talker

You like the sound of your own voice. The other 50 people on this bus do not.

5. Wrong Side of The Escalator Walkers

We don't mean to huff when you get in our way - but there's a sign, and everyone is clearly everyone is following it like lemmings trudging to their untimely demise.

**6. Rushers

**Did you REALLY think pushing in front of me and then getting wedged in the doors of the train was worth that extra 2 minutes you saved on your commute? Thought not.

**7. PDA-ers

**Yay you're in love! But sadly no-one on this train or bus cares. Holding hands = cute. Fondling someone's breast/groin under their suit at 9am, or slurping at each other like whelks = not.

8. Noisy/Smelly Eaters

Nothing wrong with eating on public transport. A girl's gotta eat. But eating with your mouth open, or choosing to wolf down anything hot or fishy is a cruel hex on anyone in this carriage.

**9. Over-Shoulder Readers

**Seriously, this book is 100% better when it's your own copy and you don't have to crane your neck to read it while breathing eerily down my neck. Also, if you can't be bothered to pick up your own copy of the Metro, I will hand you mine. AFTER  I've finished reading Guilty Pleasures.

**10. Sighers

**I'm sorry Ma'am, do you think I meant to brush your leg ever-so-gently with my own, or touched you with my bag when I moved to my seat? I apologised, even though it was an accident, and still you threw me some shade. Unfortunately touching other humans happens on public transport.

**11. Door blockers

**Except when the train/bus/tube is so rammed you are wedged into an armpit, there is literally no reason to stand in front of the door so we can't disembark. Similarly people that push on to the train before you've had a chance to get off. RUDE.

**12. Inane chatters

**WE DON'T CARE WHAT YOU ARE HAVING FOR DINNER OR WHETHER YOU ARE GOING TO WATCH BAKE-OFF TONIGHT OR NOT. No-one needs to drag these convos out on a train, on a phone, at an incredibly loud volume, for 20 minutes.

13. Bitchers

Guess what - now everyone on the train knows about your absolute cow of a boss, what your douchebag ex boyfriend did with his new lady, and why your company is almost definitely going down the toilet. Maybe don't broadcast it to the world because y'know, somebody could be on your carriage who knows you.

14. Arguers

If you take public transport with a loved one, sometimes you end up bickering about anything - from the time you left this morning to the fact you don't want to be the one to go home and feed the cat tonight. We've all been there. But trust us - the whole carriage does NOT want to hear this majorly awkward row - keep it at home, or get off at the next stop and finish it on the platform.

15. Mr I don't have my pass/ticket/Oyster

We get it, sometimes you just keep your pass hidden in your bag/pocket and need a good rummage to find it. But seriously, you do this everyday - in the words of Scar from the Lion King - BE PREPARED. And get outta my way instead of loitering by the ticket barrier.

**16. The noisy playlisters **

Just because you own a pair of Beats by Dre, doesn't mean you're an authority on what the entire carriage wants to listen to at 7am. Crank that volume down and keep the David Guetta tunes to yourself, thank you.

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