World’s Oldest Woman Shares Her Secret to Ever-Lasting Life

Spoiler: It’s bacon.

World’s Oldest Woman Shares Her Secret to Ever-Lasting Life

by Megan Sutton |
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Many a morning we’ve awoken to the sound of a thrice-snoozed alarm, harbouring a vodka-headache, and genuinely doubting whether we would make it through that day, never mind a century. But Susannah Mushatt Jones from New York, has managed just that. Having celebrated her 116th birthday in July, she is officially the world’s oldest living woman.

In an interview with The New York Post, she’s shared her top tips on how to sustain a long and healthy life. Well, we say tips. It’s more of a tip, really. Bacon. The secret is bacon. Susannah, called Tee by her family (short for Auntie), gave her rasher of wisdom from her one-bed apartment in Brooklyn.

She told the Post that every morning, after getting up at 9.30am, she eats a breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon. And that’s the key part, the bacon.

Because bacon is Susannah’s fave thing ever. She eats it in most meals and as a snack, every single day. ‘She’ll eat bacon all day long,’ says one of Susannah’s carers.

And in case you doubted the strength of her love for the piggy stuff, Susannah’s 116th birthday cake was even decorated with fondant bacon rashers. That’s dedication to a cause, right there.

The world’s oldest woman also divulged some non-bacon-focused rules to live by, saying she doesn’t drink or smoke, and has never dyed her hair or worn make-up.

But above all, Susannah believes that the real reason she’s been on the block for so long is that she’s surrounded herself with ‘love and positive energy.’

So there you have it, kids. The ingredients for a really, really long life: love, positive energy, and bacon.

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