The World’s First Beauty Pageant For Balls Has Arrived

This comes from the same guys who held a vagina beauty contest this summer. Erm... yay?

The World's First Beauty Pageant For Balls Has Arrived

by Melis Zumrutel |
Published on

The ‘world’s first balls beauty contest’ has arrived. So if you happen to be in possession of a particularly beautiful scrotum and always wanted to see how it matches up to other testicles, now’s your chance.

Submissions are coming from contestants around the globe, and men have until Christmas to get them in.

Visitors will vote for their favourite and ultimately select a winner. 1st place wins you $5,000, 2nd Place gets you $3,000 and 3rd, $2,000. The finalists will also receive 3D scans of their balls which will then be turned into paperweights, bookends, doorstops and other decorative items.

All they have to do is upload a picture of their acorns to and a sign saying ‘AUTOBLOW BALLS CONTEST’ and the winner will be announced on the 25 December 2015.

Please note the picture has to be ONLY of your balls, as they don’t want the peen to sway voters.

This competition comes from Autoblow, who in the summer held the Vagina Beauty Contest – the finalists’ 3D scans are being made into sex toys as we speak.

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