How To Work Out How Long You Spend On Your iPhone


by Edwina Langley |
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Have a feeling you spend too much time on your iPhone but have no idea how much time that actually is? Want to work out whether it’s an acceptable amount of time or really, way too much? Frightened to find out, but also kinda intrigued?

Bored of these questions?

Us too, it’s time for answers. And we’ve got them (or rather, ‘it’).

We’ve worked out how YOU can work out how much time you’ve spent on your iPhone today, yesterday, even in the last 7 days...

Wanna know how?

Ok then…

Go to Settings – Battery

This shows you both the percentage of battery you’ve used on various apps/screens in the last 24 hours and the last 7 days BUT ALSO (and more importantly) it shows you the amount of time you’ve spent on each.

Read with interest.

Scroll to the bottom

Scrolling to the bottom will lead you to a section called: ‘Time Since Last Full Charge’.

The first line is called ‘Usage’ – and this will tell you how much time you’ve spent on your phone since the last time you charged it.

Appalled? Amazed? Surprised?

It’s given you something to think about though, hasn’t it?

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