The Word Of 2015 Is An Emoji. BUT WHICH ONE.

Clue: it's not the aubergine penis.

The Word Of 2015 Is An Emoji. BUT WHICH ONE.

by Stevie Martin |
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Each year, the Oxford Dictionaries guys pick a word that they feel encapsulates the year gone by and 2015 has apparently been the year of emoji. We know this because they picked an emoji for this year's word - surely one of the more controversial decisions they've made in recent history. More controversial than last year's word being 'selfie', anyway. Because the word 'selfie' is, at least, a word.

And which emoji did they go with? The laugh-cry one. The one that's so happy its crying.

Nice choice, actually, because at the moment there's so much crap going on in the world that god knows we need a bit of a cheer-up - although we can imagine that the old school types are going to be throwing up their hands and banging their heads against a wall.

Other words that made the shortlist include: refugee (less uplifting), Dark Web, lumbersexual (a young urban male who dresses like an outdoorsy type, in case you didn't know), on fleek and ad blocker. What a mix!

One year they should go mad and pick the word 'the'. Really get down to brass tacks. That'd genuinely shock everyone. In the meantime, when someone asks you what the word of the year is (as people always do) you can at least now legitimately respond by laughing until tears stream down your face.

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