You Need To Read This Kindergarten Class’s Brilliant Response To ‘Wonder Woman’

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

by Katie Rosseinsky |
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Whether you're a superhero fan or not, Wonder Woman is a game-changing moment for cinema: not only does it mark the first female-led superhero film in over a decade, it's also the first time that such a film has been directed by a female director, Patty Jenkins, making its phenomenal box office success all the more important.

What's been particularly heart-warming, though, is seeing the impact that Gal Gadot's character has had upon young children, with parents around the world sharing images of their daughters dressed as Diana, along with stories of how the film left them feeling inspired and empowered.

One particular viral post, shared by director Patty Jenkins on her Twitter acount, really brought home just how important it is for young children to see strong female role models on screen.

The post in question, written by an anonymous member of kindergarten staff, details the amazing way in which a class of four and five-year-old girls and boys have responded to Wonder Woman. Warning: this might bring a tear to your eye.

I work at a kindergarten and this is a collection of cute Wonder Woman related things that happened within a week of the movie being released,' the post states.

Among the highlights are:

'On Monday, a boy who was obsessed with Iron Man told me he had asked his parents for a new Wonder Woman lunchbox.'

'A little girl said "When I grow up I want to speak hundreds of languages like Diana.'

'Seven girls playing together during recess on Tuesday, saying that since they all wanted to be Wonder Woman they had agreed to be Amazons and not fight but work together to defeat evil.'

'A boy threw his candy wrapping on the floor and a 5-year-old girl screamed "Don't pollute you idiot, this is why there are no men in Themyscira!'

'On Wednesday, a girl came with a printed list of every single female superhero and her powers, to avoid any trouble when deciding roles at recess.'

The post's final point is particularly poignant: 'Consider this your friendly reminder that if this movie completely changed the way these girls and boys thought avout themselves and the world in a week, imagine what the next generation will achieve if we give them more movies like Wonder Woman.'

Here's to the next generation of Wonder Women...

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