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In amongst the lists of women in music and the actresses to keep an eye out for in 2015, there seemed to be a category missing. And then today, Forbes released their 30 under-30 list for 2015, including their consumer tech category, which only features two women.

We reckon we can do better than that – here are the consumer tech girls we’ll be championing this year.

Sunny Allen

In perhaps the most fun tech development of last year, Sunny Allen wrote the code for Hum, the world’s first articifically intelligent vibrator that learns what you like and reacts accordingly. Sunny – you can find her dressed in saucy underwear on The Hum’s site – says: ‘I want to prove I don’t have to choose. I can do both. There are two things I love: sex and technology. I can say, ‘fuck year, robots,’ and ‘fuck yeah, sex technology.’

Eve Lee

If you never got past the Myspace level of creating your own website, then sit up and take notice of Eve – the ‘main digiDIVA’ at The Digital Fairy, a company that lends its hand to creating websites for super-cool companies (see Ashley Williams’ fancy new online store), running social media campaigns for places such as Topshop and building apps for Bleach.

Tina Gong

If you’ve been a long time Debrief reader, you might remember Tina and her app HappyPlaytime that aimed toteach women how to masturbate. Sadly, it was ceremoniously banned from the app store for being too naughty, but Tina has now happily soft-launched the HappyPlaytime game you can play on a computer. Sign up here.

**Joanna Montgomery **

A few years back, Joanna, a Scot, started up Little Riot, a hardware company with the genius idea of Pillow Talk, a tech product to help couples in long distance relationships transmit their real-time heartbeat to a pillow. Plus, she’s also a weightlifter and the fourth strongest woman in England, which is not bad going.

Robyn Exton

The 27-year-old behind Dattch, the lesbian dating app that’s been big news over the past couple of years. She’s now got offices in London and San Francisco and is about to be featured on Billion Dollar Dreams, a Channel 4 documentary about British app developers in the USA.

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